Used Car Checklist Developed By Ohio Attorney General To Protect Used Car Buyers

Used Car Checklist Developed By Ohio Attorney General To Protect Used Car Buyers

Ohio Residents in search of a new used car can rest easier with New Used Car Checklist

With Ohio as one of the top states selling unfixed recalled cars, buying a used vehicle in Ohio can be dangerous. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine hopes to make the process of buying a new car a little safer for Ohio residents with his newly created used-car checklist. The purpose of the checklist is to help customers make the right choice when purchasing a used car both online or offline. The Attorney General’s Used Car Buyer Checklist covers topics including contracts, purchasing, and maintenance issues, as well as many other topics used car buyers need to know.

DeWine created the used car checklist as a response to the number of complaints received by the office in 2013. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office received a total of 5,577 complaints on used cars last year, making vehicles the most complained about category in the consumer industry. [March 2014,]

According to the Attorney General, it is important to make wise choices when purchasing a used vehicle. According to DeWine, “This checklist will equip consumers with information we hope will save them time, money, and hassle.” The Used Car Buyer Checklist offers guidance on a variety of topics including how to determine the condition of a used vehicle, how to determine a fair purchase price, how to determine if a dealer is reputable, how to research vehicle history, and how to review written contracts to avoid dangerous, risky contracts. As a bonus, the guide also includes a section covering used car repair.

DeWine urges consumers to always get purchased details for their used cars in writing. “Because if it’s not in writing, big, big problem,” he told Cleveland NewsNet 5. DeWine also stated that cars should always be available for a test drive and to check reasonable prices for comparable vehicles online. Consumers should also check to ensure that the vehicle model is not under recall, or that the recalled parts have been fixed. In 2013, over 3.5 million vehicles currently under recall were sold online. Ohio sold more recalled vehicles than many other states, with a total of 151,763 recalled vehicles sold to unsuspecting consumers, according to data collected by The site stated that an average of every 1 in 9 used vehicles sold online are currently under recall. Consumers should always check vehicles for possible recalls before buying online or offline. [March 2014,]

DeWine encourages used car buyers to take their time while shopping because it is one of the largest purchases you will ever make. Consumers do not have to feel pressured to make a purchase on the seller’s timetable or simply because they want the process to be completed faster. This can lead to poor judgment decisions, according to DeWine. Proper research of fair prices, condition of the vehicle, possible recalls, and a thorough inspection of written contracts will ensure consumers purchase the best vehicles and avoid purchasing car “lemons.”

Find a copy of the Used Car Buyer Checklist on the Ohio Attorney General website. []

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