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Victims of birth injuries, surgical mistakes, misdiagnosis of stroke or cancer, and all other cases of medical malpractice are often eligible to recover compensation for medical bills and other damages. Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced Ohio personal injury law firm, has earned a formidable reputation for holding negligent doctors and healthcare providers accountable for the injuries they cause. Our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers always put the injured first, and are determined to help our clients win the types of settlements and verdicts that will allow them to put their lives back together. If you were injured by a negligent doctor or other healthcare professional, the Ohio medical malpractice lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC will fight to ensure your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly, so you can focus on your recovery. To learn more about all of the ways our firm can help, we urge you to contact Wright & Schulte LLC for a free, no obligation Ohio medical malpractice lawsuit evaluation today.
Medical malpractice statistics show that between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in hospitals each year from medical errors that could have been avoided. More than a third of people interviewed in a recent New England Journal of Medicine survey reported that they had experienced medical malpractice that led to serious health issues. Medical malpractice is a complex area of law, and not every medical injury provides a basis for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. Pursuing a medical negligence claim in Ohio requires the assistance of a skilled attorney, like the experienced medical malpractice attorneys with Wright & Schulte LLC. Victims of medical malpractice in Ohio can’t even file a lawsuit until a qualified medical expert swears that a departure from a recognized standard of care actually caused the patient harm. Our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers are able to collaborate closely with medical experts to prove these complex cases. Our firm isn’t afraid to take on the large insurance companies that spend millions to bankroll the defense in the majority of medical malpractice lawsuits. Wright & Schulte LLC won’t let an insurance company pressure you into accepting a medical malpractice settlement that is anything less than fair. And we’ll be ready to go to trial should the insurance company refuse to deal with your medical malpractice claim in good faith.

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Every year, hundreds of pedestrians and motorists are injured and killed in Ohio highway accidents, Auto Accident lawyers Ohio. According to 2016 statistics for Ohio highway accidents, 1,133 lives were lost in more 305,964 accidents on the state’s roads that year alone. The Ohio highway accident lawyers of Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced Ohio personal injury law firm and Auto Accident lawyers Ohio understand these gruesome statistics represent real people and families whose lives have been financially, emotionally and physically devastated, often due to another’s negligence. That’s why our personal injury lawyers work so hard to make sure our clients are fairly compensated for their suffering, and why we’ve been so successful at litigating Ohio highway accident lawsuits on behalf of injured people. Victims of Ohio highway accidents/ auto accident lawyer may be entitled to collect financial compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and other damages. If you or a loved one are in need of an experienced Ohio highway accident attorney or auto accident lawyer, let the legal team at Wright & Schulte LLC fight to protect your rights and help you get the maximum compensation for all of your physical injuries and economic losses. To learn more about all of the ways our firm can help, we urge you to contact Wright & Schulte LLC for a free, no obligation Ohio highway accident lawsuit evaluation today.

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If you believe you or a loved one were a victim of medical malpractice, and you’re looking for an Ohio personal injury law firm that will guarantee the caring, personalized and loyal representation you deserve, please do not hesitate to contact Wright & Schulte LLC today. In most cases, Ohio law requires that medical malpractice lawsuits be filed no later than one year after the incident, or discovery of the incident, so it’s important you act quickly. For a FREE, no obligation legal evaluation of your case, simply fill out the online form on the right, or give Wright & Schulte LLC a call, at (937)-222-7477.

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