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Attorney Michael L. Wright Representing Customer Shot at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Dayton

Jul 12, 2022
Attorney Michael L. Wright of Wright & Schulte LLC is representing a woman who was shot last week at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Dayton. The victim was a customer in...

Wright & Schulte reaches a settlement agreement with University of Michigan

Jan 19, 2022
The University of Michigan has reached a settlement agreement with attorneys for about 1,050 people who say they were abused by the late Dr. Robert Anderson, a former university physician....

University of Michigan Sexual Abuse Bill Introduced

Sep 17, 2020
Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 10:15 AM Bills Introduced To Enable Anderson Suits At U-M, Soften Immunity Legislation to be introduced today in the House will enable the survivors of the...

University of Michigan Sexual Misconduct Lawyer

Mar 4, 2020
University of Michigan Sexual Misconduct Lawyer – Wright & Schulte is investigating reports of sexual misconduct by University of Michigan doctor and athletics program physician Robert E. Anderson occurring over...

Better Call Cohen: The Shady Cases of a Trump Lawyer’s Personal Injury Practice

May 3, 2018
A few years before he started working for Donald Trump, and long before he gave legal advice to people like Fox News personality Sean Hannity, Michael D. Cohen had a...

What To Do If You Are Injured In A Dayton Car Accident

Jan 2, 2018
Dayton, Ohio Car Accident Attorneys At Wright & Schulte LLC Answers Questions Of Dayton Car Accident Victims On A Daily Basis. Here Are Some Important Dayton Accident Tips That Will...

$1.375 Million Awarded In Brain Injury Lawsuit To 4 Electricians Injured On The Job

Sep 13, 2017
Four Men Have Been Awarded $1.375 Million Awarded In Brain Injury Lawsuit After Sustaining Permanent Brain Damage In A Work Related Accident On An Oil Rig In 2012, four electricians...

Ohio Workplace Injuries, Statistic Show Decline

Sep 13, 2017
While Ohio Workplace Injuries Occur All To Often The Ohio Bureau Of Workers’ Compensation Applauded Ohio Businesses For A Decline In Workplace Injuries In April, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’...

Risk Of Ohio Motorcycle Accidents Increase As Temperatures Warm

Sep 13, 2017
Statistics Show Warmer Weather Brings More Ohio Motorcycle Accidents In Dayton, Cincinnati And Other Ohio Cities According to data from the Ohio Department of Public safety, motorcycles are responsible for...

Did Driver Fatigue Play A Part In Walmart Crash That Critically Injured Actor Tracy Morgan

Sep 13, 2017
Federal Investigators Are Looking Into Whether Driver Fatigue Played A Part In The Walmart Tractor Trailer Accident That Killed One And Critically Injured Others Including Actor Tracy Morgan The tractor...

Viral Video On Teen Texting Showcases Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Sep 13, 2017
Teen’s In Viral Video Never Saw It Coming; How Teen Texting While Driving Can Play Large Role In Ohio Distracted Driving Accidents A recent YouTube video released by Volkswagen depicting...

Third FedEx Accident Lawsuit Filed After Tractor Trailer Accident Killed 10

Sep 13, 2017
A Third FedEx Accident Lawsuit Has Been Filed On Behalf Of An Eighteen Year Old Boy Who Was Killed In The Horrific Accident Involving A FedEx Tractor Trailer And Charter...

Ohio Elder Abuse On The Rise As Elderly Population Increases

Sep 13, 2017
As The Number Of Ohio’s Elderly Grows So Do The Amount Of Ohio Elder Abuse Cases Most Of Which Go Un-Reported According to Stark County Probate Judge Dixie Park, Ohio...

A Proposed Ohio DUI Law Hopes To Reduce Ohio Drunk Driving Accidents And Fatalities By 75 Percent

Sep 13, 2017
New Ohio DUI Law Could Help Reduce The Amount Of Ohio Drunk Driving Accidents And Fatalities By 75 Percent A new bill aimed to reduced drunk driving accidents and fatalities...

Ohio School Bus Accident Injuries: Would Requiring Seat Belts Reduce Injuries?

Aug 28, 2017
Ohio School Bus Accident Injuries: Would Requiring Seat Belts Reduce Injuries? Ohio School Bus Accident Injuries Are Unfortunate, But Can The Number And Degree Of Injury Be Reduced By Using...

Ohioans Face Icy Roads And Ohio Car Accidents As More Snow And Frigid Temperatures Continues

Aug 28, 2017
Ohio Car Accidents Are Usually At Their Highest During The Winter Months Were Snow And Ice Takes Center Stage On Ohio Roadways Causing Injury And Damages. With most of the...

Ohio Workplace Fatalities Rise After Lack Of Attention To Safety

Aug 28, 2017
Feds Find Rise In Ohio Workplace Fatalities As Safe Work Practices and Training Declines Wright and Schulte LLC has recently learned that Ohio workplace fatalities and injuries are rising since...

$165 Million Awarded In FedEx Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Aug 28, 2017
Santa Fe Jury Orders Delivery Giant to Pay $165 Million in FedEx Wrongful Death Lawsuit after a Fatal Car Accident Involving a FedEx Tractor Trailer and a Pick-Up Truck Kills...

Ohio Slip And Fall Accidents Up With Icy Sidewalks And Icy Parking Lots

Aug 28, 2017
During The Winter Months The Number Of Ohio Slip Fall Accidents Rise As Well As Personal Injury Claim Filings After Ohio Are Unfortunately Injured Due To Icy Side-Walks And Parking...

Ohio ATV Accidents Increase Due To Dangerous Winter Weather

Aug 28, 2017
Ohio ATV Accidents Increase Due To Dangerous Winter Weather As Ohian’s Try To Get Around This Winter There Has Been An Increase In Ohio ATV Accidents Associated With Dangerous Winter...



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