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It is estimated that surgical mistakes occur at a rate of about 40 times per week in U.S. hospitals. Surgical errors can include anesthesia errors, misplaced surgical sponges or tools, operating on the wrong body part, and other operating room mistakes that can result in serious injury, and even death. As Ohio’s top personal injury firm, the medical malpractice attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC understand how devastating catastrophic surgical errors are for victims and their families. Our firm has earned a reputation for aggressively pursuing legal claims on behalf of people who’ve been the victims of medical malpractice, including serious surgical errors. Wright & Schulte LLC always puts the injured first, and all of our medical malpractice lawyers work hard to ensure that the victims of surgical errors recover the compensation they need to rebuild their lives.

In Ohio, victims of surgical errors may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in order to recover compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Any type of medical malpractice lawsuit is going to be extremely complex, as few doctors will admit to making operating room errors in patient charts or other reports. To be sure your case is fully investigated and handled correctly, you need to retain a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience litigating Ohio medical malpractice and surgical error lawsuits. If you or someone you love were the victim of a life-threatening surgical error, let the experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Wright Schulte fight for you. To learn more about all of the ways our firm can help, we urge you to contact Wright & Schulte LLC for a free, no obligation surgical error lawsuit evaluation today.

Ohio Surgical Error Lawsuits

Though medical professionals are required to adhere to a standard set of operating room procedures to prevent surgical mistakes, such errors continue to occur far too often. According to a recent report from the journal Medical Care, surgery patients who are injured as a result of their operation are seven times more likely to die while hospitalized, and far more likely to be readmitted to hospital within 3 months of being discharged. Cardiothoracic surgeries, childbirth surgeries, gastric bypass, laparoscopic intestinal surgery, and plastic surgery procedures have all been implicated in reports of surgical errors.

Ohio law allows patients injured by surgical errors to seek redress through a medical malpractice lawsuit. At Wright & Schulte LLC, our medical malpractice lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of people seriously injured as a result of operating room mistakes, including those involving:

  • Surgery performed on the wrong body part
  • Surgery performed on the wrong patient
  • Wrong surgical procedure performed on a patient
  • Surgical implements left in a patient
  • Use of unsanitary surgical utensils
  • Incorrect incision
  • Organ puncture or perforation
  • Surgery on wrong organ, wrong site surgery or wrong side surgery
  • Delayed surgery
  • Prolonged surgery
  • Blood typing errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Inadequate post surgical care
  • Medication errors
  • Excessive scarring

It’s rare for a doctor or hospital to inform a patient or their family when a serious operating room mistake has occurred. If you or a loved one recently had surgery, and your condition has worsened, or if you’ve needed additional procedures, it would be in your best interest consult a lawyer to determine whether malpractice occurred. The medical malpractice lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC have extensive experience investigating these difficult cases, and will work with a team of top medical experts to determine if you were a victim of a surgical error. They will thoroughly review your surgical records for evidence that deviations in the standards of care for surgical procedures may have caused you harm.

When hospitals and medical professionals are named in malpractice lawsuits, their insurance companies can be expected to mount an aggressive defense. They may also try to convince you to settle a case quickly for less than you deserve in order to limit their financial liability. The medical malpractice attorneys at Wright Schulte always take an equally aggressive stance when negotiating with insurance companies. Insurers are aware of Wright Schulte’s reputation as a tough advocate for surgical error victims, and they know our medical malpractice lawyers are always ready to go to trial if they refuse to negotiate in good faith.

Ohio Surgical Error Lawsuit Evaluations

If you believe you or a loved one were a victim of a surgical error, and you’re looking for an Ohio medical malpractice law firm that will guarantee the caring, personalized and loyal representation you deserve, please do not hesitate to contact Wright & Schulte LLC today. In most cases, Ohio law requires that medical malpractice lawsuits be filed no later than one year after the incident, or discovery of the incident, so it’s important you act quickly. For a free, no obligation legal evaluation of your case, simply fill out the online form on the right, or give Wright & Schulte LLC a call, at (937)-222-7477.

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