Ohio ATV Accident Statistics: Hundreds Of Ohioans Die In Ohio ATV Accidents

Ohio ATV Accident Statistics: Hundreds of Ohioans Die in Ohio ATV Accidents

In Ohio, riding ATVs are a year round past-time, but as Ohio ATV Accident statistics will show Ohio ATV’s can also be fatal.


With most Ohio ATV riders enjoying riding trails though the hills, creeks, streams, farms, and riding parks during the warmer months, many use their vehicles during the winter months too, for farm work and to cross difficult terrain during hunting season, it is no surprise that the number of Ohio ATV Accidents is high. While there is no doubt that ATVs are gaining in popularity because of their usefulness and propensity for fun, they can also be deadly.

Ohio ATV Accident Statistics

Statistics show that 361 people died in Ohio ATV accidents between 1982 and 2011. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that because of reporting limitations, the number of those killed in ATV accidents may actually be much higher. Because Ohio, like most other states lump most vehicle related accidents together, without distinguishing whether the incident involved ATVs or other vehicles, the accuracy of the statistics are probably far lower than they should be. Also, because many Ohio ATV accidents occur on private property, they often go unreported. According to the Toledo Blade, this year, the Ohio State Patrol began using a new crash reporting system that will differentiate between ATV/Snowmobile accidents and other vehicular accidents, so hopefully going forward the statistics will be more dependable. (http://www.toledoblade.com/Nation/2013/05/12/Every-year-ATV-crashes-in-U-S-affect-thousands.html)

There’s no doubt that the popularity of ATVs has only continued to increase, however, so has the number of ATV related injuries. In fact, Science Daily reported that over a ten year period, emergency room visits for ATV related accidents more than doubled. By 2007, more than 10,000 hospital visits were reported each year for Ohio ATV accident injuries. Across the country, more than 100,000 hospital visits are recorded each year because of ATV accidents. (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070426140214.htm)

Decreasing Ohio ATV Accident Statistics

There are many ways that Ohio ATV accident injuries can be reduced, including always wearing a good helmet, taking ATV safety classes, and always driving at safe speeds. The Toledo Blade interviewed Mark Myslinski of Toledo, a long time ATV rider, and Doug Keller of Off Road Customs, who repairs and sells accessories and parts of ATVs. Myslinski said the best way to be safe is learn the fundamental of ATV-ing on a smaller bike with less horsepower. He said knowing your limit is important, and that being off-road doesn’t mean you should go faster. Keller gives very good advice when he adds, “Remember, trees don’t move.”

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