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Ohioans Face Icy Roads And Ohio Car Accidents As More Snow And Frigid Temperatures Continues


Ohio Car Accidents Are Usually At Their Highest During The Winter Months Were Snow And Ice Takes Center Stage On Ohio Roadways Causing Injury And Damages.

With most of the country dealing with arctic temperatures, Ohio commuters are facing dangerous driving conditions from snow, ice, and winter weather that will result in delays and from unfortunate Ohio car accidents. Most of the state was covered in snow and ice after the holiday season, causing an increase in dangerous Ohio car accidents resulting in damages and injuries.

Cleveland News reported that on January 5, 2015, temperatures dropped 16 degrees in one day with a wind chill of -4 degrees, increasing the amount of ice on roads and bridges and severely hampering driver visibility. NBC News reports that this wave of cold air is the coldest temperatures seen so far this winter. What makes this winter weather more dangerous than other Ohio winter storms is the combination of weather systems. Ohio faced two arctic temperature blasts within a one-week period, followed a few days later by a huge winter snowstorm. These frigid weather systems have resulted in numerous Ohio car accidents, injuries, and road closures. Temperatures hovering below zero have increased the danger to all Ohio drivers. [, January 2015] [, January 2015]

Several Ohio car accidents directly related to cold weather and ice have already occurred in Ohio over the past several days. On January 5, an accident on I-271 caused road delays in addition to snow and ice delays in Cleveland. On January 6, a man was involved in a car accident which resulted in fatal injuries in Beachwood. NBC News reports that the fast snowfall will cause significant visibility and traction problems on Ohio roadways, causing many Dayton car accidents, Cincinnati car accidents, and Cleveland car accidents.

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, between 5,000 and 7,000 Ohio car crashes occur each year as a result of snow and ice on roadways. In 2013, there were 5,622 Ohio car crashes related to ice and snow. 1,271 of those crashes resulted in injuries, and 13 resulted in fatalities. Winter weather and icy roads lead to a dramatic increase in dangerous Ohio car accidents each year. Luckily, most of these accidents are preventable. [, January 2015]

Ohio drivers should take precautions to prevent dangerous ice and snow-related car accidents while traveling from home, work, and other trips. Use the following tips to remain safe on icy, dangerous roads this winter:

Make trips as short as possible. Drive straight to your destination and stick to main roads which have been cleared of ice and snow.

  • Allow extra time to get to your destination and allow for delays and slower driving.
  • Watch for ice on the road- particularly on bridges. Avoid driving on ice patches and never drive on icy inclines.
  • Keep your distance from other vehicles on the road.
  • Avoid driving at night and during snow storms when visibility is low. Reduced visibility leads to an increase in accident risk.
  • Do not allow teens to drive during active episodes of winter weather.
  • Pack a safety kit and store it in the car at all times in case you are stranded during a snow or ice storm.
  • Make sure your car is prepared for winter conditions with the right tires, oil, and an annual tune-up.

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