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Ohio Winter Weather Tips To Keep You Safe From Ohio Accidents


Ohio Winter Weather Tips Could Help Save You From An Ohio Auto Accident And The Need For An Ohio Personal Injury Attorney

Now that winter is in full swing, winter driving conditions are worse than ever. We have seen particularly dangerous Ohio winter weather this year, making it even more important to stay safe on roadways to avoid Ohio car accidents. The Columbus Dispatch forecasts that more snow and ice will arrive in Ohio through the coming weeks. Ohio businesses and schools have responded with delayed openings, school closings, and even flight cancellations in an effort to keep Ohio residents safe. [, January 2015]

The Ohio Department for Public Safety found that the chance for Ohio car accidents and injuries goes up when roads are full of snow and ice. In 2013, snow and ice contributed to 4,410 injuries and 43 fatalities in Ohio. In total, there were over 20,000 snow or ice-related accidents in Ohio in 2013. [, January 2015]

The best way to avoid winter driving accidents in Ohio is to simply avoid driving during inclement weather. Unfortunately, not everyone can hunker down and avoid driving in winter weather. If you are one of the unlucky Ohio residents who must continue to travel to work and school each day, use these winter driving safety tips from Weather Safety Ohio to reduce your risk of dangerous accidents. [, January 2015]

Make A Winter Emergency Kit Containing

    • 2 blankets
    • A flashlight and extra batteries
    • Jumper cables
    • Extra warm clothing, including a hat, mittens, and boots
    • Emergency flares
    • First-aid kit and any daily medications
    • A steel shovel
    • A strong rope
    • Bottled water and high-energy foods (like nuts or protein bars)
    • Sand
    • A phone charger
    • A bright cloth

Ohio Winter Driving Tips
If you cannot avoid driving during inclement weather, use these tips to stay safe on the road.

      • Make sure your vehicle is winter-ready with the right oil, snow tires, and an annual tune-up.
      • Allow time in your schedule for weather-related traffic delays.
      • Drive slowly and do not rush.
      • Keep windows and lights clear of ice and snow.
      • Turn on headlights when using your windshield wipers. Ohio law requires the use of headlights when the windshield wipers are on during precipitation.
      • Keep your gas tank half-full at all times to prevent fuel line freeze-up.
      • Leave 9 times greater distance between your vehicle and other vehicles on the road. It can take 9 times longer to stop on ice.
      • Find out if you have anti-locking brakes or non-ABS brakes. Stop with ABS brakes by pressing on the brakes once. Stop with non-ABS brakes by pumping the brakes gently.
      • Tell everyone your itinerary before you leave as well as your expected arrival time and planned route.
      • Pay extra attention while driving over bridges and overpasses.
      • Do not leave your car unattended while warming it up to reduce your risk of vehicle theft.

If you are stranded while in your vehicle, stay there. Tie a bright colored cloth to the antenna. Keep the exhaust pipe clear of snow. Do not run the engine any more than 10 minutes an hour. Leave a window open a crack while running the engine for ventilation. Use a flare to alert others that you are stranded.

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