Ohio ATV Accidents Increase Due To Dangerous Winter Weather

Ohio ATV Accidents Increase Due To Dangerous Winter Weather

As Ohian’s Try To Get Around This Winter There Has Been An Increase In Ohio ATV Accidents Associated With Dangerous Winter Weather Conditions


When winter temperatures drop, the danger level for any driving activity increases- including drivers and riders on ATV vehicles. While many Ohioans drive ATV vehicles for fun in the spring and summer, winter temperatures may drive some to ride their ATV as an alternate vehicle when roads are icy or blocked with snow. Although it seems that driving an ATV would be safer in the winter, precautions are necessary to prevent serious injury or death.

In early February, a Toledo man was seriously injured when he crashed his ATV into two parked cars. The man was ejected from the ATV and struck one of the cars. He was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. In another Ohio ATV accident in early February, a boy was seriously injured when he was struck by a runaway ATV experiencing technical difficulties. The boy started the ATV, which took off without any driver. The boy was severely injured and has remained in the hospital for several weeks. [http://www.nbc24.com/news/story.aspx?id=1160736#.VOS52vnF-Pw, February 2015] [http://www.maysville-online.com/news/local/lchs-student-recovering-from-atv-related-accident/article_734af321-3acc-5967-919c-92dc395d92cc.html, February 2015]

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ATV accidents are responsible for several Ohio deaths each year. Between 2008 and 2011, 82 children and adults were killed in Ohio ATV accidents. According to the CPSC, head, neck, and arm injuries are the most common in ATV accidents. [http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Safety-Education/Safety-Education-Centers/ATV-Safety-Information-Center/Death-Associated-With-ATVs-by-State-/, February 2015]

During the winter, ATV drivers should take special care to avoid dangerous and deadly ATV accidents in Ohio. According to the Virginia Farm Bureau, winter can be an especially dangerous time for ATV accidents. Vehicles can slide on the ice, throwing off drivers or riders and leading to dangerous accidents. [

The Virginia Farm Bureau has a list of winter driving tips for ATV drivers and riders. Additionally, Ohio state law requires that all drivers and riders were eye protection and helmets while driving on public property. No one under the age is allowed to operate an ATV vehicle on public property and roads.

Never operate an ATV vehicle while under the infleune of alcohol. A 2014 study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that over 50 percent of all ATV accidents occur when alcohol is involved. 50 percent of all fatalities occur when the driver or rider is not wearing a helmet.
The Farm Bureau also recommends wearing long sleeves, long pants, sturdy shoes, and gloves while driving. This will keep drivers warm in winter weather and provide extra protection in case of an accident. According to the Farm Bureau, ATV vehicles are not meant for driving on public roads. The tread on ATV tires is too aggressive for bare pavement, which can cause slipping and steering problems. This problem becomes even worse when ice is on the road. Never drive an ATV on ice. The Farm Bureau also recommends reading all use instructions before operating an ATV. When you follow these safety tips, you drastically reduce your risk of getting injured or killed in a winter ATV accident.

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