Ohio ATV Accident News: How To Reduce Ohio ATV Accidents Involving Children

Ohio ATV Accident News: How To Reduce Ohio ATV Accidents Involving Children

Ohio has suffered far too many deaths related to Ohio ATV accidents. Unfortunately, Ohio child ATV accidents, though decreasing by some reports, continue to be a major issue. While ATVs pose numerous threats to riders, they are even more dangerous for children who ride adult sized machines.


Ohio ATV Accident News: With adult sized ATVs reaching weights of more than 600 pounds and speeds of more than 75 mph, these types of ATVs can simply be far too difficult and dangerous for children to operate. In fact, of the 361 people who died in Ohio ATV accidents in recent decades, 80 were children under the age of 16. Across the nation, nearly 200 children die each year in ATV accidents, and almost 35,000 more are seriously injured. According to ABC News, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that 95 percent of those children were riding adult sized ATVs.

In All States, Including Ohio Child ATV Accident Injuries Are Worse on Adult Sized ATVs
In a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD said, “[m]ost accidents are rollovers, when the vehicle tips over and crushes the rider. Children, because of their low weight and strength, are unable to correct the rollover and get crushed.”
“Children are going to ride ATVs, so they need to do it safely. These are motor vehicles, not toys, and parents should use the same guidelines they would when allowing their children to drive cars. For example, you would not let your 10-year-old drive a car, so why would you let him or her drive an ATV that can weigh hundreds of pounds and go up to 100 mph? The most important ways to prevent injury are adult supervision, helmets, protective clothing and age-appropriate vehicles,” Science Daily reported Dr. Sawyer as adding.

Manufacturers Recommend Appropriate Sized ATVs for Children
ATV manufacturers say no ATVs are appropriate for children under the age of six. ATVs under 70cc are recommended for children aged six through 11. Children aged 12 to 15 should ride ATVs no bigger than 90cc. Children over the age of 16 can ride ATVs of 90cc or more with the proper adult supervision.

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