C8 Lawsuit News: DuPont C8 Exposure Lawsuits Move Forward In WV MDL

C8 Lawsuit News: DuPont C8 Exposure Lawsuits Move Forward in WV MDL

As the number of C8 lawsuits filed continues to grow the first bellwether trials have been set to start in November of 2015.


The first bellwether trial dates have been established for federally filed C8 lawsuits against DuPont in the C8 personal injury multidistrict litigation being heard in U.S. District Court, Southern District of Ohio, under U.S. District Judge Edmund Sargus. According to court documents, Sargus has scheduled the first trial for September 2015 and the second for November 2015. (In Re: E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Company C-8 Personal Injury Litigation, MDL No. 2433)

The DuPont C8 lawsuit MDL currently has 46 personal injury complaints filed against DuPont alleging the plaintiffs were sickened by water contaminated with the chemical C8 that has been linked to the DuPont Washington Works plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. However, the number of lawsuits filed against DuPont is expected to increase greatly in the coming months as more people learn about their legal options.

C8 Lawsuits

C8 is a chemical used by DuPont at the Washington Works plant to manufacturer Teflon, and was discharged into the drinking water of six districts for a number of decades. DuPont reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit in 2005 which included the establishment of a C8 Science Panel charged with investigating the possible links between C8 exposure and a list of serious illnesses. In October 2012, the C8 Science Panel concluded a probably link between C8 exposure and high cholesterol, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, thyroid disease, and preeclampsia. (c8sciencepanel.org/prob_link.html; C8 Science Panel, October 29, 2012)

The 2005 C8 class action settlement also included terms that any person who had been exposed to C8 contaminated drinking water would be able to file a lawsuit if they developed one of the diseases linked to C8 exposure. The water districts named in the settlement are –

  • Village of Pomeroy, Ohio
  • Little Hocking, Ohio
  • Belpre, Ohio
  • Tuppers Plains, Ohio
  • Mason County Public Service District, West Virginia
  • Lubeck Public Service District, West Virginia

To be eligible to file a C8 exposure lawsuit, you must have lived in one of the named water districts prior to December 3, 2004 and have been diagnosed with one of the diseases linked by the C8 Science Panel to C8 exposure.

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