Bellwether Trial In Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawsuit Begins In California

Bellwether Trial In Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawsuit Begins In California

The first Bellwether trial in a Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawsuit is beginning in California this week, the first of 80 sudden acceleration lawsuits filed against Toyota in state courts across the country.


This first Toyota sudden acceleration Lawsuit, selected by the court as a way to forecast the success of similar Toyota sudden acceleration Lawsuit , was filed by the family of Noriko Uno, who was killed when her 2006 Toyota Camry suddenly accelerated to speeds of close to 100 mph while she was traveling in 30 mph zone. Uno died, when despite pulling the emergency brake and stepping on the brake pedal, her out of control vehicle hit the median, a telephone pole, and finally a tree. Jury selection in the case has begun, and the trial is expected to last about two months, USA Today reports.

Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawsuit

This Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawsuit will be heard in Los Angeles at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse and Toyota has released a statement regarding the trial saying, “We are confident the evidence will show that a brake override system would not have prevented this accident and that there was no defect in Mrs. Uno’s vehicle.” The brake system has been installed by Toyota on all vehicles manufactured since 2011, and the company was recently ordered by a court to install the system on 3 million older vehicles. Uno’s car was not retrofitted with the brake override system, ABC’s KABC News reports.

Uno’s sudden acceleration Toyota Lawsuit is the first state filed case to go to trial, as Toyota has been settling similar lawsuits out of court. According to the Public Citizen former president Joan Claybrook, “This trial is significant because it is the first case that Toyota has gone to trial on the sudden acceleration. And they’ve settled a lot of case in order to avoid that. That means that they think they can win this case so it’s going to be a landmark case,” KABC reported.

Toyota Sudden Acceleration Federal Cases

Federal lawsuits have been filed against Toyota, including those consolidated in federal court in Orange County. The judge presiding over the California consolidated cases, which include economic loss and wrongful death lawsuits, is expected to soon issue a ruling on a proposed economic loss settlement. Other federally filed lawsuits allege that the electronic throttle system on some Toyota vehicles is defective and can cause the vehicle to surge.

Expert expect the Uno case to focus on why Toyota failed to install the brake override system on Camry’s sold in the United States since European Camry’s have the safety feature.

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