2014 Has Seen Almost 31 Million Car Recalls Involving Over 550 Different Recalls For Defective Air Bags, Ignition Switches And Other Defective Car Parts

2014 Has Seen Almost 31 Million Car Recalls Involving Over 550 Different Recalls For Defective Air Bags, Ignition Switches and Other Defective Car Parts

The Latest Car Recall Issued By Ford Motor Company Makes 2014 The Worst Year For Auto Recalls. Leaving Drivers Asking; How Safe Are Their Cars?


In 2014 automakers have issued over 550 recalls so far this year recalling a total of over 52 million vehicles. The previous record, set in 2004, was for 30.8 million recalled vehicles. According to ABC News, the latest Ford recall has officially made 2014 the year of the most car recalls involving car defects such as faulty airbags and ignition switches and many are still on the road today.

General Motors has recalled the most vehicles this year- recalling about 26 million vehicles to date. The car recalls were for faulty ignition switches which could inadvertently move to the “off” position, which was linked to the death of at least 12 people. According to ABC News, this number is drastically larger than the number of vehicles sold by GM over the past five years, which is only 14 million vehicles. Many of the recalled vehicles are still operating with faulty parts. Many vehicle owners may be unaware they are driving a recalled vehicle or have not taken the time to repair the issue. GM told ABC News that it has enough parts to repair the remaining vehicles, but drivers can also increase the safety of their ignition switches by removing extra keys while driving. [http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2014/11/2014-year-of-the-most-automobile-recalls-ever/, November 2014]

Takata Industries has also come under fire this year for a large number of unsafe airbags located in vehicles from numerous manufacturers. These faulty airbags can explode, sending metal shrapnel into the air, which can cause serious injuries or death. According to ABC News, the airbags are responsible for the deaths of 4 people and numerous injuries. To date, over 7.8 million vehicles in the Untied States are affected by the Takata airbag recall.

Ford Motors has also recalled a high number of vehicles this year for various problems ranging from airbag issues not related to Takata to power steering issues in its line of trucks. As of September 2014, Wall Street Cheat Sheet reports that Ford has recalled over 3.3 million vehicles this year. [http://wallstcheatsheet.com/automobiles/10-automakers-with-the-most-vehicle-recalls-in-a-record-2014.html/?a=viewall, November 2014]
Fiat Chrysler has also been hit with a high number of recalls in 2014. Some of the recalls were related to the Takata airbags, but Chrysler vehicles were also recalled for issues with tire pressure monitoring, fuel heater housing, and software upgrades. According to Wall Street Cheat Sheet, Chrysler has recalled over 5.5 vehicles so far in 2014.

Rather than the high number of vehicles equating to poor vehicle quality, car expert Ed Hellwig from the website Edmunds.com told ABC News that this indicates a greater care in vehicle manufacturing. According to Hellwig, “The cars, in terms of quality, are better than ever.” Some of the recalls are for small issues that would not have been addressed in previous decades, ABC News reports. Hellwig told ABC News that this trend indicates that automakers are more “diligent” about their vehicle quality for the modern consumer. Instead of fearing the high number of recalls, drivers can feel better that vehicle manufacturers are now fixing dangerous vehicle issues that may not have been addressed in the past.

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