School Bus Accident Brings School Bus Safety Back In Public Eye

School Bus Accident Brings School Bus Safety Back in Public Eye

Wright & Schulte LLC looks at School Bus Accidents and How They Can Be Avoided

With school back in full swing, parents and children may be starting to relax and get into the swing of things at school. However, a lack of vigilance can lead to dangerous or deadly consequences on the road. Each year, several of Ohio’s school buses are involved in crashes, which injure and kill drivers and passengers. In 2013, there were 1,441 school bus crashes. Among these crashes, 279 passengers were injured and 2 were killed. These statistics are low compared with other vehicle crashes, but many Ohio school bus crashes can be prevented by safer driving on the part of the bus driver or drivers from other vehicles. [, September 2014]

In early September, a bus from Boone County was involved in a School bus accident that injured both drivers and two preschool-aged passengers. The school bus was traveling on U.S. 42 when it collided with a pickup truck. Police on the scene reported that all of children were wearing seatbelts, and none of the children on board were critically injured. While this school bus accident was unfortunate and may have been avoided all of the students in this crash are safe because they were wearing their seatbelts.

[, September 2014]
The best way to keep children safe on school busses is by practicing safe driving habits around school busses. Ohio has a no-texting or talking on cell phones law strictly enforced in school zones to help promote the safety of children. Drivers should also follow all other school bus laws, such as stopping behind a school bus when yellow or red lights are flashing and waiting for the red lights to turn off before passing the bus. Driving with a wide space between the bus and other vehicles can also promote safety- particularly during inclement weather.

Drivers can also watch for children and busses at all intersections and in school zones. Many school bus accidents occur when the buses are turning. Drivers can help promote safety by allowing buses to turn with a wide berth of space and not cutting in front of a turning bus. Parents can also promote the safety of children on the bus by instructing them in safe bus habits, such as always wearing a seat belt where one is available, staying seated, and not causing distractions for the driver when the bus is moving. Everyday reminders for both drivers and bus passengers can help reduce Ohio’s school bus accident rate even further.

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