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Ohio Police Misconduct Lawyer Recent Case Settlements

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Ohio Police Misconduct Lawyer –

The issue of police use of deadly force is a hot topic in America. We wants our law enforcement to protect us, but they cannot use that power recklessly. Most police officers act professionally and protect those in the community. When an office goes beyond that, they have to be accountable.

Police should never be permitted to punish the criminal more than the State could if he was convicted of the crime. Police brutality occurs when law enforcement officers use unnecessary or excessive force when dealing with a member of the public. Such force may include improper use of a stun gun or taser, unjustified shooting, police dog attacks, intentional assaults and related cover-ups, and more. In addition to unnecessary violence during a police encounter, brutality can also include false arrest, sexual assault, verbal abuse, abuse of prison inmates, or other misconduct. The following cases presents a classic example of cops who used unnecessary force injury a citizen and another cop who unnecessarily took the life of another.

Wright & Schulte Ohio Police Misconduct Lawyers recently settled two police brutality/shooting death cases.

Case 1

Our client was the mother of a young man who was involved in a minor, single motor vehicle accident. The young man had reportedly crashed into a parked vehicle in the driveway of a residence. A 911 caller reported the accident. The caller said she could not see into the vehicle because of the tinted windows and that no one had gotten out of the vehicle since the crash. Police were dispatched to the scene on a “check and advise” call. Upon arrival at the scene, officers approached the vehicle.  The young man was passed out in the driver’s seat, not moving when he was fatally shot by police officers.  A federal civil rights case was brought on behalf of the young man’s mother against the police department for his wrongful death. Wright & Schulte successfully settled the case for $900,000.

Case 2

Our client is a women who accompanied by her nine-year old son was returning home to Ohio from attending a funeral in Kentucky when she pulled into a gas station to get donuts. An man approached her and stated that her car was parked crookedly and asked her to move it.  He was in plain clothes, but later identified himself as a police officer. Our client complied with his order and went to move her car. A verbal discussion ensued between the police officer and our client. At which point, the police officer unlawfully and without cause, unlocked/opened our clients car door, grabbed her by her left arm, and pulled her out of her vehicle.  Our client, who had recently underwent rotator cuff  surgery,  suffered severe injury to her shoulder. A federal civil rights case was brought on behalf of the woman, against police department, because of their unlawful/excessive use of force which resulted in her injury. Wright & Schulte successfully settled the case for over $670,000.

Wright & Schulte is committed to helping people who have suffered abuse at the hands of the government or business establishments and have been injured or lost a loved one. Please call or text us today for a free and confidential case evaluation at 937-222-7477.

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