More Ohio Child ATV Accidents And Injuries Caused By No Helmets And Multiple Riders

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More Ohio Child ATV Accidents and Injuries Caused by No Helmets and Multiple Riders

Ohio Child ATV Accidents are sadly on the rise. Are Lack of Helmets and Multiple Riders to Blame for these Ohio Accidents


Thousands of adults and children are injured each year because of Ohio ATV accidents. In fact, about 10,000 emergency room visits because of Ohio ATV accidents occur annually. Sadly, about one-third of those accidents cause serious injuries are to Ohio Child ATV riders under the age of 16. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that more children are hurt each year in Ohio Child ATV accidents than because of bicycle accidents.

Ohio Child ATV accidents than because of bicycle accidents.

Ohio Child ATV Accidents Occur Far Too Frequently

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has ranked Ohio 13th in the country for fatal ATV accidents, with nearly 300 ATV-related deaths reported between 1982 and 2007. Eighty of those who died in ATV accidents were younger than 16. Part of the problem in Ohio child ATV accidents is that many riders do not wear a helmet, yet rollovers are the most common type of ATV accident injuries, and head injuries are the leading cause of ATV accident fatalities.

Charles A. Jennissen has taken a closer look at two of the problems most commonly seen in ATV accidents; lack of helmets and multiple riders. In the study “All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Related Injuries: Mechanisms and Contributing Factors,” researchers found that of the 345 ATV accident cases reviewed from data collected by the University of Iowa, less than 20 percent of riders wore a helmet. Children are more likely to wear a helmet, however, each of the children included in the study (about 30 percent) were driving adult sized ATVs, which can weigh up to 800 pounds and travel at nearly 80 mph. Because of that weight, children generally lack the strength to properly manipulate ATV, creating and even more dangerous situation.

Multiple Riders Increase Dangers for Ohio ATV riders

Dr. Jennissen conducted a second study, “Optimizing Seath Length Design to Minimize Extra Passengers on All-Terrain Vehicles” in which he found that a shorter seat may discourage multiple riders. Dr. Jennissen said, “We suggest that a shorter seat, starting further from the handle bar attachment is the preferred ATV seat design. This should discourage multiple passenger ATV use by reducing the space available for additional riders, and help decrease the number of ATV injuries.

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