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Ohio Personal Injury – Fatal Pool Drowning of 6 Year Old Boy

Ohio Personal Injury – Fatal drowning

The family of Niguel Hamilton have hired attorneys Michael L. Wright, Rick Schulte and Benjamin Crump after his fatal drowning at a City of Dayton pool.

Drowning Death of Niguel Hamilton

6-year-old Niguel Hamilton, who had just finished kindergarten,  died after being pulled from a City of Dayton pool while receiving swim lessons.

Niguel was one of four children in the indoor pool at the Lohrey Recreation Center in Dayton on July 12, 2018. The last thing Mr. Hamilton, Niguel’s grandfather,  remembers is that  Niguel was with his swim class in the deep end, and that Niguel, who is small for his age, had just gone off the diving board with his instructors assistance.

Shortly after that, a lifeguard said they didn’t see Niguel in the water and asked Mr. Hamilton if he had seen Niguel. The lifeguards then got everyone out of the pool and searched again.

Mr. Hamilton said he went outside to check for Niguel, but  when he returned he learned Niguel had been found at the bottom of the pool. CPR was performed, but no pulse could be located.

Mr. Hamilton said he thinks his grandson had been underwater between 10 and 15 minutes. Niguel was transported to Dayton Children’s Hospital, where he later died as a result of his injuries.

Attorneys for the family believe the issue of liability to be very clear  in this matter. Under Ohio law, the City of Dayton is liable for its own negligence and the City’s employees are liable for their recklessness that led to Niguel’s death.

Safety must be the primary concern of a swim instructor. It was reckless to place a six-year-old boy, who cannot swim, in the deep end of the pool without a swimming instructor in the pool right along side him and monitoring him the entire time.

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