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Ohio Car Accidents Rise As First Blast Of Winter Weather Reeks Havoc Across Ohio Roadways

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<Ohio-Car-Accidents-Attorney-Wright-and-Schulteh3>Ohio Car Accidents Have Risen As Ohio Drivers Face Dangerous Winter Driving Conditions Across Ohio

Ohio drivers are now having to put there winter driving gloves on to battle black ice and snow squalls that have popped up across the state. The battle against Ohio’s dangerous road conditions started after recent snow and freezing rain resulted slippery roads. Reports of Ohio auto accidents, interstate pile-ups and stranded drivers have kept the police and highway departments busy. The National Weather Service has issued travel advisories or watches for 40 Ohio counties across the state because of the dangerous Ohio road conditions.

The National Weather Service has been busy issuing several severe freezing rain and snow advisories for many northern states including Ohio over the past week. Stating that black ice is likely this time of year, which is the most dangerous type of ice as it is harder to see. Black ice can hide under snow, leading to an increase in accidents when weather is snowy. Drivers are advised to allow plenty of time to reach their destinations and watch out for common road hazards, such as patches of ice, snow banks, and slow drivers. Road closures during severe weather are also common. During periods of intense rain and snow, do not drive and stay at home. [, January 2016]

Ohio News 10 has released a few safety tips for Ohio residents now that snow fall has increased and roads are icy and dangerous. Aside from major holidays, severe weather is the most common cause of accidents and roadway fatalities in Ohio.

Ohio News 10 suggests practicing winter driving in an empty parking lot. This can help you remember how to drive in the snow in a safe environment. Drivers who are new to driving this winter can also benefit from parking lot practice. [, January 2016]

Use these tips to stay safe on Ohio roadways this winter:

  • Clean your car off completely before leaving your driveway.
  • Do not drive with only a small section of ice and snow cleared away.
  • Limited visibility severely increases your chances of getting into an accident.
  • Always make sure there is enough space between your car and other cars on the road.
  • Try to always leave an area nearby open in case something happens in front of you so you can escape and avoid the accident.
  • Do not drive directly behind or beside another vehicle, particularly when there might be ice on the road.
  • Keep your gas tank about half full at all times to ensure you have enough gas in the car in case of snow or ice storms.

If you slip on the road and have anti-lock brakes, hit the brake with consistant pressure and wait for the vibrations to kick in. That means the brakes are working properly and you will come to a safe stop. If you do not have anti-lock brakes, pump the brakes gently to help reach a stop safely.

Place an emergency bag in the back of your car just in case. Pack the bag with gloves, an ice scraper, a roadside flare, a flashlight, a blanket, and an extra cell phone battery. In case you get stranded on the road, these items can help you stay safe until help arrives.

Furthermore, Do your best not to leave the house when the National Weather Service has advised an ice or snow warning. Traveling in dangerous conditions can only lead to accident injuries and fatalities.