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Slip And Fall Lawsuit While Working Sees $3.5 Million Settlement

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A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Settlement Was Reached In Negligence Lawsuit Filed By Injured Construction Worker

A man severely injured in a construction accident after slipping on the ice has settled the general contractor for $3.5 Million one day prior to the judges ruling. The lawsuit claims the general contractor was negligent in this premises liability lawsuit when he neglected to fix the icy working conditions or halt work after wintery conditions had plagued the worksite.

Work injuries and fatalities along with work related illnesses in the United States accounted 4,679 work related fatalities in 2014. While slip and fall accidents are listed as the second cause of accident related deaths in the United States. A lot of these slip and falls at work are the result of unsafe work condition that include wet and slippery floors, icy parking lots, and other icy or slippery surfaces.

The construction worker represented in this negligence lawsuit was injured when he slipped and fell on the ice and injured his back. This resulted in numerous surgeries and he reportedly has not returned to his pre-injury condition.

While many men and women are injured in slip National Floor and Safety Institute (NFSI) reports falls at work represent the primary cause of days off form work and are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims along with the leading cause of occupational injuries in people 55 and older. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website, falls in while working in the construction industry have lead the list of all other causes of work-place deaths.

Slip and fall statics show injuries and fatalities are not uncommon in the workplace. While construction worker slip and falls accounted for 31% of contractor deaths in 2013, the services and retail trade industries have accounted for 60% of all slip and fall accidents. Further reported information shows that slip and fall injuries are the most reported work related accidents accou Slip and Fall Lawsuit While Working Sees $3.5 Million Settlement | Wright & Schulte LLC | Your Ohio Legal Help | An Ohio Law Firmnting for 25%, with 5% of falls result in bone fractures.