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Ohio Bed Bug Lawyers – Are Hotels Liable for Bed Bugs?

Ohio Bed Bug Lawyers –

Yes, hotels are liable for bed bugs and you can sue a hotel for bed bug bites and injuries suffered as a result of bed bugs in the hotel room. Bed bugs should not be present in any hotel room rented to you or anyone. Hotels which allow bed bugs to enter and remain in the rooms are responsible for the injuries the bed bugs cause.

If you recently stayed at a hotel and were injured by bed bug bites, you may have a potential claim for damages against the hotel.  Our office has represented thousands of people who have suffered bed bug bites at hotels nationwide.  We have successfully resolved claims and recovered money damages for our clients for their bed bug bites sustained at hotels.  Our staff is experienced in Bed Bug Law and will work hard on your case to obtain the recovery you deserve.

Hotel owners and managers know that even though bed bugs are small, they are a big problem.  Managers and owners will do whatever they can to prevent you from filing a bed bug claim or a lawsuit.  They will attempt to offer you “free nights” or refund your stay if you agree to let the matter go.  Do not accept any offers from the hotel until you speak with a bed bug lawyers first.

Why are Hotels Liable for Bed Bugs?

Hotels are liable for bed bugs if they are negligent in the ownership and maintenance of the hotel property.  Most of our hotel claims fall under the “Premises Liability” theory of negligence.  Hotels are responsible for the safety and well being of their guests.  A hotel must follow strict protocols when inspecting rooms and using pest control experts to take care of any insect problems, including bed bugs.  If a guest is exposed to bed bugs and is injured as a result of the hotels failure to inspect or properly treat a bed bug infestation, the hotel is responsible for damages as a result of the injuries.  Many times, our office is able to negotiate a resolution with the insurance carrier for the hotel.  Other times, we need to file a bed bug lawsuit and sue the hotel for damages.

What Should I Do Next?

Always speak with an experienced Bed Bug Lawyer before making any decisions on what to do with your bed bug injury claim.  Our office is available any time to provide a free case evaluation for your bed bug bite injuries.  Call us today at 937-222-7477– or fill out our “Do I Have a Case?” form. We do not charge fee unless we win your case!

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