Michael Wright And Family Of John Crawford III Meet With Attorney General To Discuss Police Shooting

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Michael Wright and Family Of John Crawford III Meet With Attorney General To Discuss Police Shooting

Michael Wright of Wright & Schulte, Who Is Representing the Crawford Family After The Beavercreek Police Shooting Resulted In The Death of Their Son John Crawford III, Has Met With U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch To Discuss The Case and Their Concerns


Attorney Michael Wright of Wright & Schulte LLC and the parents of John Crawford III met with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch to discuss the Beavercreek police shooting and the death of their son John Crawford. The meeting was part of Lynch’s new strategy to reform the police department. Attorney Wright reports that during the meeting, Lynch pledged to investigate John Crawford’s death herself. When questioned why the Attorney General would meet with this particular family, attorney Michael Wright said, “I believe that the attorney general of the United States recognized that this is a significant case, and I believe that’s why she met with the family.”

The firm reports that Mr. Wright and Attorney General Lynch discussed the video of the shooting and other details of the case. Lynch promised to further watch the video herself after the conclusion of the meeting. Tressa Sherrod, the mother of John Crawford III, told Wright & Schulte she was pleased they were able to meet with the Attorney General in a private meeting. “We can tell her our thoughts on how we feel about what’s going on,” she said. The Crawford family further conveyed Lynch told them she will investigate the death of their son even though it will take time.
“She was just making sure that we understood that it was a process and we understand that. She said it would move. The process will move and that she will make sure,” John Crawford Jr., the father of John Crawford III, said.
Before the meeting, the family of John Crawford III attended a peaceful justice rally outside the Freedom Center.

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John Crawford III, a 21-year-old resident of Cincinnati, was shot and killed by Beavercreek police in the Beavercreek Walmart on August 5th 2014 while holding a MK-177 BB/Pellet air rifle and talking on his cellphone.
[abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/police-kill-gun-wielding-man-ohio-wal-mart-24860525, Associated Press, August 6, 2014]
Later in 2014, a special grand jury declined to indict the police officers involved in the shooting of John Crawford which was upsetting to attorney Wright and the Crawford family. Mr. Wright has said the video contradicts the Beavercreek police accounts which stated Mr. Crawford was waving the rifle around and pointing it at customers. Instead, Mr. Wright stated “The Walmart video indicates Mr. Crawford was doing nothing more than shopping at the time of the tragic incident”.

“Comparing that to a lot of these other cases that are going on in the country, John’s case, somewhat, stands by itself…,” Wright said. “And as everyone knows … and everyone saw the video – John was doing absolutely nothing wrong….”

Wright said, “we know what happened in that store, and we still haven’t received the type of justice that we believe this family deserves.” Michael Wright – Partner with the law firm Wright & Schulte

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