BBQ’s Grill Burns Are More Common Than We Think

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BBQ’s Grill Burns Are More Common Than We Think

Over 18,000 People Suffered BBQ’s Grill Burns Across The Country Every Year. Steps To Take When Backyard BBQing

Now that the weather is heating up, Ohio residents are headed out to the grill in celebration of warm weather and sunshine. Grilling outdoors is an American tradition, but without the proper precautions, grilling can turn into a nightmare. According to statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 18,000 individuals are injured or burned in grill accidents each year.

Of those 18,000 accidents, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that the injuries are caused by out-of-control fires that can lead to significant burns injuries and injuries from BBQ grills, and even fatalities. According to data from MSNBC, about 6 fatalities and over $11 million in damage is cuased by unsafe grilling. Ohio residents who risk the grill should prepare for emergencies like burns, blisters, singes, and accidents. Often, it is faulty grills or faulty operation of the grill that causes the accidents. [, May 2015] [, May 2015]

Luckily, Ohio residents can reduce their odds of getting involved in a grill accident by ensuring they practice safe grilling techniques. Data from the CPSC shows that common injuries occur when grillers step on hot coals, when grills collapse, or when hot food falls from the grill. A third of injures occur when the grill operator is starting the grill for the first time. When grilling, Ohio residents should pay attention to surroundings and take extra care to only prepare food on solid, stable grills that have no open recalls. The CPCS has issued 24 recalls on grills since 2005 for serious safety risks such as faulty burners, incorrect heat shields, or missing hoses. In 2010, the CPSC recalled over 600,000 grills due to bad burners.

BBQ Safety Tips To Help Avoid BBQ’s Grill Burns

  • Only use BBQ grills of any kind outdoors.
  • Always place your grill away from walls, deck railings, overhanging branches, or other areas where fire could spread quickly.
  • Keep pets and children away from the grill at all times.
  • Do not leave the grill unattended while it is on.
  • Remove grease build-up after each cooking session to prevent grease fires.
  • Do not use flammable liquids on an open fire.
  • Use appropriate grill fire-starters, such as a charcoal chimney starter or charcoal starter fluid.
  • Allow coals to cool completely before throwing them out in a metal container.
  • Check propane grills for leaks before using the grill for the first time each year.
  • Clean the hose with soap and water. If the grill has a leak, the soap will bubble.
  • Have all leaks serviced before using the grill.
  • If you smell gas near the grill, call the fire department.
  • Do not move the grill while it is hot.
  • Avoid heavy drinking while operating a grill.
  • Never allow children to operate a grill unsupervised.
  • Check your grill for recalls from the CPSC before starting to grill for the first time.

By employing the above tips and taking care while grilling, Ohio residents can do their part to avoid injuries while grilling this summer. Remember, a grill is not a toy but a real cooking utensil that is powered by an open flame. Open flames, no matter what form they come in, have the potential to cause serious damage.

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