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Estate of Takoda Collins sues Montgomery County

Wrongful Death Attorney- The law office of Michael L. Wright filed a lawsuit today on behalf of Takoda Collins, a 10 year old boy who was tortured, including being locked naked in an attic, forced to eat his own feces, beaten and emotionally abused, ultimately resulting in his death. Police had been called to Takoda’s home multiple times before his death. School employees also made multiple calls to Children Services before Takoda was ultimately pulled from school by his father. The lawsuit filed in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court highlights exactly how the county failed to protect Takoda.

“MCCS employees and/or agents, including but not limited to social workers, caseworkers, and managers, are directed to investigate reports of child abuse and neglect,” the lawsuit says. “Based on their investigations, MCCS employees and/or agents are supposed to act under the law and are required to make referrals to family service agencies, create protection plans for at-risk children, and otherwise protect children at risk for abuse and neglect, including but not limited to removal from their homes and placement in a safe environment until family reunification is determined to be safe for the child. Said persons acted intentionally wantonly, willfully, recklessly, negligently, maliciously, and not in good faith in disregard to their duties under the statutory and common law, proximately resulting in the injuries and death of Takoda Collins.”

Attorney Michael Wright, stated “There is no amount of money that will bring Takoda back. His family has suffered a great loss. This was a tragedy that could have been avoided had the county done their job.”

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