Takata Air Bag Recall Is Largest In U.S. History With Over 34 Million Vehicles Affected

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Takata Air Bag Recall Is Largest In U.S. History with Over 34 Million Vehicles Affected

Air Bag Recall Issued As Takata Finally Admits a Defect In Their Air Bags And Doubles Previous Recall Numbers.


In what is now the largest air bag recall in United States history, Japan-based air bag manufacturer Takata Corp. has doubled their last recall to over 34 million airbags. Takata is currently the largest manufacturer of air bags throughout the globe, and has supplied airbags the air bags for about one in seven vehicles currently on the road. In May 2015, Takata has finally admitted that its air bags may cause serious injuries or death, and has doubled its original recall to 34 million airbags in an effort to keep drivers safe.

The Takata air bags have been found to explode violently when they deploy, sending shrapnel flying into a car’s passenger compartment. So far, six deaths and more than 100 injuries have been linked to the air bag flaw. Safety experts state that the airbags can leak in humid, moist climates, causing the airbags to fill with an overabundance of air pressure. When the air bags finally deploy, they explode with extreme force, similar to a soda can that has been shaken. [
http://www.nbcnews.com/business/autos/heres-what-you-need-know-about-takata-air-bag-recall-n361841, May, 2015]

Air Bag Recall Questions and Answers:

What Is Wrong With The Takata Air Bags?

When the driver and passenger-side air bags inflate with moisture and air pressure, when the air bag deploys, the force blows apart the metal canister housing the bag, sending shrapnel through the vehicle. Hot, humid climates are suspected as a cause for explosion.

What Automakers And Cars Are Involved?

akata air bags are installed inside Honda, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Mazda vehicles dating as far back as 2001. NBC estimates about one in seven vehicles on the road today are affected.

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What is significant about this recall?

The Takata recall is the largest recall in U.S. history. The second-largest vehicle recall was in 2014 when General Motors recalled over 30 million vehicles, but for varying issues. Takata is one of the first manufacturers to admit to a defect after arguing with the U.S. government since 2009.
Takata accounted for 40 percent of all air bags manufactured in 2014, but the company also manufacturers other products. However, in March 2015 at the end of Takata’s fiscal year, the company reported a net loss of $244 million. Experts disagree on whether Takata will survive the high costs of the recall.

Only time will tell if Takata can survive such a huge recall. Since the air bag explosions are such a potentially dangerous problem, all vehicle owners should check their own vehicle registrations to determine if they are part of the recall. With such a huge recall, vehicle owners should not rely on their vehicle manufacturer to send out an alert about the recall. If you do receive a recall notification, take your vehicle in to be serviced as soon as possible. Vehicle owners in hot, humid climates may want to replace their air bags sooner, as they live in high-risk areas for air bag explosions.

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