You are currently viewing Audio In Police Shooting Of 4-Year Old Ava Ellis Aired On ‘Inside Edition’

Audio In Police Shooting Of 4-Year Old Ava Ellis Aired On ‘Inside Edition’


‘Inside Edition’ Recently Played The Audio Tape From An Ohio Police Shooting Of A Then 4 Year-Old Ava Ellis

An audio recording from the police shooting of a then 4 year-old Ohio girl has been released on the latest episode of ‘Inside Edition’. Ava Ellis was 4 years old at the time she was shot by an Ohio police officer who had responded to a near by accident but was later asked to help Ava’s mother. Police officer Jonathan Thomas accidentally shot Ava Ellis when he was apparently aiming at a purported charging dog.

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News reports state that Officer Jonathan Thomas was allegedly aiming at a charging dog. Officer Thomas has purported responded to a nearby hit-and-run accident when he was called for help by a woman stating that her sister, Ava Ellis mother, had cut badly herself. News reports further report the police shooting occurred when Thomas entered the doorway of the Ellis home and a dog purportedly charged at him. Officer Thomas apparently fired his gun at the dog but missed and hit Ava Ellis in her right leg. The Ohio police officer apparently then left the shooting scene instead of administering first aid to the injured 4-year old girl. The Ohio girl was transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

In a reported online post Ava Ellis wrote, “Officer Thomas never said sorry,” “Never said it was an accident, never said that he called for help or was going to call for help, never asked if Ava was ok, and never asked if he could check on Ava.”

Andrea Ellis has stated in an’Inside Edition’ report, “She asked me several times, ‘Mommy, am I gonna die?’”

Ava Ellis and her family are being represented by attorney Michael Wright of Wright & Schulte LLC. Attorney Wright is also representing the family of John Crawford III, who was shot and killed in another police shooting at the Beavercreek Walmart, and is also co-counsel for the family of Samuuel DuBose, who was also shot and killed by a, now former, police officer of at the University of Cincinnati Police Department. The former officer, Ray Tensing has been charged with the murder of Samuel DuBose’s.

Ava Ellis required surgery and doctors as said to have told her and her family that she may never walk the same again. For more on this and other news visit