2.2 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Woman Dies Following Headache Procedure


2.2 Million Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed After Woman Dies Following Headache Procedure

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Alleges Clinic Was Negligent In Death of Women During Medical Procedure To Relieve Headaches

The family of a woman who died after a procedure allegedly to relieve headaches has filed a $2.2 million wrongful death lawsuit against the Springfield medical clinic that treated her. According to the negligence lawsuit, the woman received the procedure and died four days later. The suit was filed in Lane County Circuit Court by a representative for the estate of the woman who died.

The wrongful death lawsuit names Neurology Associates of Eugene-Springfield, and Dr. Miguel Estevez, as defendants. The Neurology Associates of Eugene-Springfield was where the procedure was conducted and Dr. Miguel Estevez was the physician performing the procedure. According to the suit, the woman suffered from severe migraines and agreed to a brain surgery that was designed to reduce the number and severity of her migranes. [October, 2015 registerguard.com/rg/news/local/33611711-75/springfield-clinic-facing-wrongful-death-lawsuit.html.csp0]

The negligence lawsuit claims that Dr. Estevez performed what is called an “occipital nerve block” procedure that resulted in symptoms of shortness of breath on September, 5, 2013. The lawsuit claims that Dr. Estevez left to retrieve oxygen, but when he returned, she was not breathing. The doctor performed chest compressions on the woman and she was taken to a nearby hospital. She was temporarily revived, but she died four days later from respiratory failure and a brain injury.

The wrongful death lawsuit claims that both the doctor and Neurology Associates of Eugene-Springfield acted with negligence by both having an employee on staff trained in advanced life support, failing to have epinephrine available in case of allergic reactions, and failure to call 911 immediately. The doctor was also charged with negligence in keeping the woman on the table while conducting chest compressions rather than moving her to the floor. The lawsuit further claims that the woman showed signs of an allergic reaction to an injection given by the doctor, but he ignored signs of the reaction.

There is no court date yet for the wrongful death trial, and the Neurology Associates of Eugene-Springfield may still choose to settle. The estate of the woman who died hopes to receive $2.2 million as a wrongful death settlement. The Neurology Associates of Eugene-Springfield and Dr. Estevez did not comment on the pending suit.

Wrongful death cases are unfortunately common, but it can be tricky to file negligence charges against medical professionals. Many laws protect medical staff ahead of patients to prevent groundless lawsuit charges and extensive legal battles. However, this makes it harder to file legitimate negligence and wrongful death claims. The best way to ensure fair compensation for medical negligence or wrongful death is to use a lawyer who is familiar with medical negligence cases and how to maximize fair compensation for any medical injuries or fatalities. The settlement amount varies based on severity of the negligence and the laws of a particular state. Some states allow large negligent settlements, but most states have caps on how large a settlement can be.

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