Ohio Auto Accidents: 14 Fatalities Over Memorial Day Weekend

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Ohio Auto Accidents: 14 Fatalities Over Memorial Day Weekend

The Ohio State Patrol released their Memorial Day Ohio auto accidents and enforcement report for the four-day holiday weekend which compares the number of fatalities, drunk driving and drug arrests made this year to last year. While some of the statistics show some responsible driving behaviors are on the increase, others show that Ohio drivers need to improve their commitment to safety.

This year’s Memorial Weekend ended in 14 people losing their lives on Ohio roadways, which is the same as in 2011. This hasn’t change much in the last 4 years. In 2010 and 2012, Thirteen people fatality injured in Ohio auto accidents. The main factors in the fatalities were Safety belts, motorcycle helmets and drunk driving.

  • seat belts were not used or not installed in the vehicles for 7 of the fatal accidents
  • of the three motorcycle related fatalities, 2 were not using helmets
  • in three of the fatal accidents, drunk driving (OVI) was a factor

Unfortunately, two pedestrians lost their lives in auto accidents this year also.

Law Enforcement Arrests and Activity for Memorial Day 2013

Despite efforts to combat drunk driving, and the current legislative movement to lower the blood alcohol content standard to 0.05, the Ohio State Patrol made 701 arrests for driving under the influence over the weekend, which is an increase of nearly five percent over last year. They also noted 6,104 safety belt infractions and were called to 695 auto accidents. Drug arrests were up by nearly 62 percent over last year, with 378 arrests made.

Ohio Auto Accident Statistics

The Ohio auto accident statistics provided by the Ohio State Patrol show that while more people are using seat belts this year than last, driver’s need to make a concerted effort to make sure they and their passengers always buckle up. Aggressive driving was also a serious issue this holiday weekend, and law enforcement officials cited nearly 3,000 drivers for their on-the-road behaviors.

Law enforcement officials also reported that the counties in central Ohio had the highest numbers of Ohio drug and drunk driving arrests, with 246 arrests made by the Ohio State Patrol Columbus District, showing that drivers operating a vehicle while intoxicated is still a serious issue in our state.

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