FedEx Accident News: Driver In FedEx Accident Get Propation

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FedEx Accident News: Driver In FedEx Accident Get Propation

A Driver In A Fatal FedEx Accident Was Given Probation and a Suspended Jail Sentence After 2014 that killed a motorcyclist in summer 2014.


According to court records a FedEx driver involved in this FedEx crash that fatally injured a motorcyclist in the summer of 2014 received a suspended 1-year jail sentence and was placed on probation after the FedEx truck he was driving rear-ended the back of the man’s motorcycle, critically injuring him. The man later died at a Michigan hospital. According to police records on this FedEx accident, the man was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash when the FedEx tractor trailer hit him from the back. This caused the motorcycle to hit the car that was in front of it, leading to a four-car pileup. No one was injured expect for the motorcycle driver.

According to the court report, the FedEx driver received a suspended 1-year-long jail sentence for his involvement in the accident. He was also placed on probation and must pay a fine and complete community service. The FedEx driver was convicted of a moving violation that caused a death. The court report did not state if anyone else was at fault for the accident, or if driver fatigue, low visibility, or other complications were involved in the crash.

FedEx is currently under hot water for their driving techniques as multiple FedEx drivers have been involved in dangerous or deadly FedEx Accidents over the past 12 months. According to an NBC investigation, FedEx drivers were involved in 679 moving violations between 2012 and 2014. Earlier this month, FedEx was ordered by a Santa Fe jury to pay $165 million in a wrongful death lawsuit that resulted in the death of three people. FedEx, however, is fighting responsibility. A FedEx spokesperson told KRQE News, “We respectfully disagree with the jury’s verdict and are exploring our options, including appeal.”

Some FedEx critics have criticized the company’s driving policy. Many of the accidents FedEx drivers have been involved with have taken place during the “danger zone” of driving time- the hours between 12AM and 6AM. Driver fatigue is higher during this period and reaction times are slower. Critics have stated that FedEx may need to improve driver training or otherwise ensure drivers are not fatigued while driving at night.

According to the NBC report, FedEx has one of the worst driving records of all major parcel carriers. NBC compared FedEx accident records with DHL and USPS and found that FedEx has a violation rate of nearly 4 per 100 drivers. USPS has a violation rate of 1.3 per 100 drivers and DHL has a violation rate of just under 1 per 100 drivers. However, when violation rates were compared with miles driven, FedEx had just over 7 violations per 10 million miles, DHL had 24 violations per 10 million miles, and USPS had just under 5 violations per 10 million miles. Although FedEx has been involved in many high-profile accidents recently, their moving violation rate is only slightly above other top freight companies. Perhaps all freight companies should take a look at how to improve tractor trailer safety to prevent dangerous tractor trailer accidents.

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