Cold Weather Safety Tips To Keep Everyone Warm And Safe

Cold Weather Safety Tips To Keep Everyone Warm and Safe

As extreme weather hits the region, make sure you know how to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of severe cold weather by following some Cold Weather Safety Tips


Whether it’s work, school, or play that brings you outdoors in wintry weather, it only takes a few minutes for frostbite or hypothermia to set in. This winter, Wright & Schulte LLC – is encouraging you to prepare and stay safe by following these Cold Weather Safety Tips.

Keep Your Family, Pets, and Yourself Safe in Cold Weather

Here are a few simple ways to stay safe in the cold:

  • Dress in layers of loose fitting clothes
  • Wear a hat
  • Keep your feet and hands warm with mittens and socks that wick away moisture
  • Drink plenty of fluids, but avoid alcohol, to stay hydrated
  • Protect your face and lips against harsh winter winds that chap skin quickly
  • Keep safe when traveling by packing extra warm clothes, blankets, hi-energy snacks, and water in your vehicle in case you become stranded
  • Teach your children to come inside when they feel cold or if they get wet
  • Eat a light snack, not a heavy meal, before heading outdoors
  • Bring your pets inside any time the temperature drops below freezing
    Remember that the wind chill can pose more hazards than the actual temperature

The Dangers of Cold Weather

If you have to go outdoors in extreme temperatures, understanding the signs of frostbite and hypothermia is very important. Before frostbite sets in, you will experience ‘frostnip’ a sign that you need to head indoors and warm yourself. The signs of frostnip include the feeling of pins and needles or burning in your hands, feet, face, and ears.

Frostbite will appear as white, gray, or yellow patches on your fingertips, nose, cheeks, and ears. You will probably have no feeling in those areas, though you may also feel itching, burning, or pinching pain. Frostbite can be reversed if caught early.

Protect yourself against frostbite and hypothermia by keeping your head, ears, face, hands, and feet covered and warm.

Hypothermia is deadly situation that occurs when the body’s core temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. You will suspect hypothermia when a person is shivering and mumbling, fumbling, stumbling, and grumbling. They probably won’t be able to think clearly, may feel sleepy, and may have trouble walking and holding onto objects. Get this person into a warm, dry area immediately, and be prepared to take them to the closest emergency room if they don’t improve within a short period of time. (

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