Cincinnati Ohio Truck Accidents, What Can Passenger Vehicles Due To Avoid Ohio Accidents

Cincinnati Ohio Truck Accidents, What Can Passenger Vehicles Due To Avoid Ohio Accidents

Ohio Truck Accidents in Cincinnati News Examines Personal Injury Concerns On Ohio Roadways


Ohio Truck Accidents[/caption]Recent Ohio truck accidents in the Cincinnati area have brought up safety concerns about the safety of tractor trailers on Ohio roadways. In early August, a tractor-trailer swerved across the Brent Spence Bridge in Kentucky, pushing a car with three passengers off the bridge onto the lower level below. After the initial car was shoved off the bridge, a total of 8 vehicles were involved in the Ohio accident, which shut the bridge down for hours and resulted in 6 injures.

According to the accident report, the semi-truck was swerving to avoid an earlier accident caused by a car cutting across to make a last-minute exit before the bridge. The truck over compensated, which led to the larger accident. Professional truck driver John Jenkins from Trenton, Ohio, called the Brent Spence Bridge, “probably about an 8 on a 1-to-10 scale in terms of danger for trucks. Jerry Wray, the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation says he has been pushing to get the bridge replaced for years. “We have not stopped with our emphasis on the need to replace the bridge and get a new bridge,” he told ABC News.

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Aside from making roadways friendlier for professional truck drivers in Ohio, which has some of the highest tractor trailer traffic in the country due to its large number of connecting interstate highways, there are other steps drivers can take to cut down on dangerous Ohio truck accidents. The drivers of passenger vehicles can take steps that will cut down on the risk of dangerous and deadly semi-truck accidents in Ohio.

The semi-truck safety website, states that over 400,000 accidents occur each year involving tractor trailers. The website states that 80 percent of these accidents are caused by passenger vehicles. Statistics from the Ohio Department of Public Safety shows that in Ohio, 42 percent of Ohio truck accidents are the fault of passenger vehicles. However, even if the statistics in Ohio are lower, passenger drivers can still prevent almost half of all Ohio tractor trailer accidents by practicing safer driving techniques. This can reduce total Ohio truck accidents by around 8,000 per year.

Vehicle drivers can cut down on the safety risks of driving near tractor trailers by implementing the following tips:

  • Avoid driving in semi-truck blind spots. The biggest blind spots are along the sides of the truck and close behind the back of the truck.
  • Always pass trucks with caution, leaving plenty of space for the truck to slow down, if necessary.
  • Never make sudden moves across the highway, cutting in front of several lanes of traffic at once. Always switch from one lane to the next in a slow and steady fashion. You can avoid this problem by knowing your destination and keeping up with your surroundings.
  • Don’t drive near the sides of a tractor trailer for extended periods.
  • Never cut off a truck, and avoid stopping suddenly in front of a truck. Trucks require a much longer stopping time than passenger vehicles.
  • Always signal turns and give tractor trailers plenty of time to note your blinker before making any movement.
  • Avoid erratic moves while driving and don’t give in to road rage.

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