Summer A Dangerous Time For Ohio Auto Accidents

Summer A Dangerous Time For Ohio Auto Accidents

Ohio Highway Patrol statistics show over 477 drivers were involved in fatal Ohio auto accidents last summer


While you might think that icy roads, snow, and rain cause the most Ohio auto accidents, you may be surprised to find that summer is also a deadly time for Ohio drivers, particularly teen drivers. According to Ohio Highway Patrol statistics, over 477 drivers were involved in fatal crashes in Ohio last summer. This accounts for about 32 percent of all crash fatalities in the state.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that summer is a particularly dangerous time for Ohio auto accidents and teen drivers- possibly due to increased driving time when school is out. In the summer of 2013, Nearly 35 percent of all Ohio teen driving fatalities occurred between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Teens are more likely to drive while distracted by electronics, friends, or simply not pay attention on the road. The clear roads may provide a false sense of security to teen drivers, but dangerous Ohio auto accidents can occur any time of year no matter the conditions of the road. [, July 2014]

According to statistics, teen drivers between the ages of 13 and 19 from Warren Country had 302 crashes last summer. This was 15 percent of all Warren County driver accidents and 12 percent of all drivers in crashes with injuries.

Hamilton County teens accounted for 9 percent of all drivers involved in crashes in the summer and 8 percent of all crashes with injuries. Hamilton County did not have any teen fatalities last year.

Clermont County had teen driving accidents that accounted for 12 percent of all summer accidents and 10 percent of crashes with injuries. No teen fatalities occurred in Clermont County.

Butler County statistics show that 11 percent of all crashes from the summer of 2013 involved teenage drivers. 10 percent of all crashes with injuries were caused by teen drivers and there were no fatalities.

Summer is not only dangerous just because more teens are on the road. Other factors also make driving during the summer a dangerous activity. An increase in motorcyclists, more drivers on the road taking vacations, an increased use of alcohol, and more pedestrian traffic all lead to an increase in driving risk during the summer months in Ohio. According to Ohio Highway Patrol Sgt. Vincent Shirey, in 2013, the most dangerous months for crashes were May, October, and December. However, September and August saw the most crash fatalities. Of the 990 crash-related fatalities in Ohio last year, 119 occurred in September and 101 occurred in August. According to AAA Ohio, 7 of the 10 deadliest driving days for teenage drivers occur in the summer.

AAA Ohio has several tips for increasing driving safety for teens and adults during the summer:

  • Restrict teen driving during the first year of driving. Crash risk is greatest during the first year.
  • Continue to show teens safe driving tips even after they are licensed drivers.
  • Limit night driving and number of passengers in a teen’s car.
  • Coach teens on how to watch out for motorcycles, drunk drivers, and pedestrians while driving.
  • Advise teens to put away electronics devices while driving and pay attention to the road.

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