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Hunting Crossbow Recall By Bohning Due To Risks Of Serious Injuries


The Bohning Company, Ltd Issued A Nationwide Hunting Crossbow Recall Of It’s “The Siege” Crossbows.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers that The Bohning Company, Ltd. of Lake City, Michigan has issued a nationwide hunting crossbow recall for a model of its hunting crossbows known as “The Siege.” The Siege crossbows have been reported to unexpectedly fire when the auto-safety is apparently on and the trigger is pulled; this creates a potential danger to crossbow users and bystanders who are at risk of getting inadvertently shot and injured by a fired arrow quiver. Additionally, the hunting crossbow limbs of The Siege have been reported to break under standard use of the bow.

The model numbers of the Bohning crossbow that have been affected by the recent Hunting Crossbow Recall are printed in large font above the trigger component of the crossbow. The product recalled model numbers include:

  • 315
  • 330
  • 335
  • 375

Features Of Recalled Siege Hunting Crossbows

Other distinctive features of Bohning’s recalled crossbows are that they:

  • Have “Bohning/Middleton Crossbow” and “Patent Pending” engraved on the side of the rear barrel of The Siege hunting crossbow
  • Have serial numbers, which are also engraved on the side of the rear barrel, that are sequenced as 12-XXX
  • Are between 36 and 39 inches long and are mounted with a scope, which was sold with the Siege
  • Are black and camouflage in color and have been sold with additional accessories that include arrow quivers, quiver brackets, cocking aides and string changers.

What To Do Next: Contact Bohning For A Refund

The CPSC is reporting that approximately 150 Siege hunting crossbows were sold in the U.S. between June and October 2012. Consumers most likely purchased these recalled crossbows for about $675 to $985 from sporting good retailers in Texas or Pennsylvania or from Bohning’s online store. Although the CPSC has not yet received any reports of injuries or incidents associated with these defective crossbows, the agency is encouraging the public to report any injuries caused by these crossbows.

Currently, consumers who own Bohning’s The Siege Hunting Crossbow are being urged to stop using the recalled product and to contact Bohning for instructions on how to return the recalled crossbow in order to receive a complete refund for the product. As part of the recall effort, Bohning is also reaching out directly to consumers to try to get the defective crossbow out of the public’s hands to prevent potentially serious injuries.

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