Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys At Wright & Schulte See An Increase In Victims Of Ohio Car Accidents Caused By Icy Winter Roads

Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys At Wright & Schulte See An Increase In Victims of Ohio Car Accidents caused by Icy Winter Roads.

Ohio Personal Injury Attorneys See Unfortunate Rise In Victims of Ohio Car Accidents As Frigid Temperatures and Icy Roads Continue Across The State


This winter, Ohio has been hit with multiple snow storms and frigid temperatures. Temperatures rising and falling rapidly has led to the accumulation of dangerous icy patches on roads and walkways. Due to this increase in dangerous winter weather, Ohio personal injury attorneys are seeing more victims of Ohio car accidents and driver neglect.

Police and rescue personnel have been busy responding to multiple calls for multiple Ohio car accidents and Ohio slip and fall injuries.  The Ohio Highway Patrol reported that several counties issued snow emergency levels over Valentine’s Day weekend. One unfortunate multi-car accident in Northeast Ohio involving 30 cars resulted in 4 fatalities and multiple people injured.

The Ohio Highway Patrol advises that drivers avoid changing lanes, braking, or accelerating on icy, snowy roads in their efforts to leave the highway. If you are involved in an Ohio winter accident, stay calm. Turn on your hazard lights, turn your engine off, and contact emergency personnel. Remain on the scene until medical or police responders clear you to leave the scene. The Ohio personal injury attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC have been answering calls from Ohio accident victims across the state to help people deal with the after effects of these unfortunate crashes. That same weekend, Cleveland Police reported that a 20-car pileup resulted in at least 2 injuries on I-77 northbound just north of SR 212.

According to news reports from the Ohio Highway Patrol at least 4 fatalities occurred due to snow, ice, and multi-car pileups on On I-70 in Madison County. In one Ohio accident, six tractor trailers and 25 passenger vehicles were involved in an accident that caused the highway to close for eight hours.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that in all, a dozen Ohio multi-vehicle accidents occurred Valentine’s Day weekend due to inclement weather conditions.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Ohio temperatures are expected to remain dangerously low in most of the state. The National Weather Service states that temperatures will drop into the teens or even single digits over the next few days. Whipping winds will make temperatures feel even colder. “The squalls came in quick, and travelers are passing through and people were already out and things just came to a standstill,” Lt. Marcus Pirrone, commander of the Ohio Highway Patrol’s Critical Command Center told The Columbus Dispatch. “In a Mother Nature-type of event like this, chain-reaction crashes happen.”

According to Ohio State Trooper Kathy Durham, driving in snow and ice is completely different than driving in clear conditions. She told The Columbus Dispatch that many drivers choose to charge ahead when visibility is low in hopes of leaving the snowy zone quickly. However, she said, snow does not work like that. “You cannot drive into an unknown condition,” she told The Columbus Dispatch. She advised drivers caught in a snowstorm to exit the highway as soon as possible. If there is no exit nearby, pull off the road and turn on hazard lights.“Don’t drive blind,” she said. “That’s never the best choice.”

If you find yourself to be a victims of an Ohio car accident and are in need of an Ohio personal injury attorney you are encouraged to contact Wright & Schulte LLC to find out how the firm can help you through this unfortunate time. Call 1-800-399-0795 or visit yourohiolegalhelp.com for more information.

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