Ohio Nursing Homes Rank 30th In Nursing Home Report Card

Ohio Nursing Homes examined in first Nursing Home Report Card Grades State as Fair to Middling.


Ohio Nursing Homes and others across the country have been rated by Advocacy group Families for Better Care, a “non-profit citizen advocacy group dedicated to creating public awareness of the conditions in our nation’s nursing homes and other long-term care settings..” in the country’s first state by state nursing home report cards. While there are some limitations with the scoring, as much of the data was self-reported, these report cards give an informative broad overview of the state of nursing homes in Ohio and across the country.

How do Ohio Nursing Homes Rank?

Unfortunately, Ohio did not rank within the top ten for quality nursing home, though it also did not rank in the lowest rankings either. Overall, Ohio received a “C” grade, and was ranked 30 overall. What does this mean? The breakdown is as follows:

Negative aspect from report on Ohio Nursing Homes

  • Ohio scored below average or failing in all staffing measures
  • Ohio has the third worst percentage of nursing homes that did not score above average for direct care staffing
  • Regionally, Ohio ranks third in the country’s second worst region

Positive aspects from report on Ohio nursing homes

  • More than 20 percent of all of Ohio’s nursing homes had deficiency free inspections (one of the highest rates in the country)
  • Ohio also had generally fewer severe deficiencies (one severe deficiency per ten facilities) when compared to the rest of the country

Taking a Closer Look at Ohio Nursing Homes

Ohio suffered a few detrimental scores when it came to staffing issues. In fact, Ohio received an ‘F’ for Direct Care Staffing Above Average (ranked 48), an ‘F’ for RN Staffing Above Average (ranked 46), a ‘D’ for RN Hours (ranked 39), and a ‘D’ for Direct Care Staffing Hours (ranked 37).

Ohio scored an ‘A’ for Percentage of Facilities with Deficiencies (ranked 8), and a ‘B’ for the Percentage of Facilities with Severe Deficiencies (ranked 11).

For Health Inspection Above Average and Verified Ombudsman Complaints, Ohio received a ‘C’ grade.

What States Scored Best?

The top 10 highest ranked states with nursing homes that scored superior are, in order :

1. Alaska
2. Rhode Island
3. New Hampshire
4. Hawaii
5. Oregon
6. Maine
7. Utah
8. Idaho
9. South Dakota
10. North Dakota

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