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Ohio Construction Injury Attorney – Construction Hazards

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OSHA has determined that there are four main safety hazards, excluding transportation incidents, that account for a majority of all construction worker deaths each year on the job-site. Nicknamed the “Fatal Four” by OSHA, these include falls, electrocutions, being struck by objects, and getting caught in or between hazards. Statistics show in 2016, 63.7% of all fatalities at construction sites were from one of OSHA’s Fatal Four.

Construction Accident: Personal Injury Claims & Lawsuits

Being involved in a construction site accident, as either a worker or pedestrian, is usually a scary and chaotic situation. In the aftermath, it can be difficult to figure out who is liable for the injuries, medical costs and lost income. Construction accident victims may be entitled to damages related to falling from heights (scaffolding, rooftop, ladders, open floors), powered industrial truck accidents, crane operation injuries, electrical incidents, and others. Deciding to contact a construction injury lawyer to handle your claim can be the differentiating factor in whether or not you are fairly compensated for a construction accident injury.

Should I Contact a Lawyer for a Construction Accident Injury?

To help evaluate the need for a personal injury lawyer, see if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Did you fall from scaffolding, ladder, rooftop?
  • Did a violation of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety standards cause the accident?
  • Did improper safety training contribute to the construction accident?
  • Did defective or malfunctioning equipment cause the accident?
  • Were you hit by a falling object at a construction site?
  • Did an accident occur due to a construction defect?
  • Did a property owner knowingly expose workers to hazardous conditions without their knowledge?
  • Did someone’s negligent actions directly contribute to the construction accident?
  • Did the construction accident cause serious or permanent injuries, such as paralysis, burns or amputation?

Note that if a construction accident led to death, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Steps to Take After a Construction Accident Injury

Take pictures of the accident scene

 — If possible, take several different pictures of the construction accident scene and associated injuries. This is important for documenting the accident and aftermath. If you need immediate medical attention and cannot take pictures, try to get friends or relatives to get pictures of the scene for you.

Notify supervisor or responsible party

 — If possible, notify your supervisor or a responsible party about the accident. This helps establish that the construction accident occurred, and it may prevent additional injuries from the same area.

Identify witnesses

 — Try to take down names and contact information of witnesses to the construction accident.

Get medical treatment

 — If you are injured in a construction accident, even if the injuries are not immediately apparent, you should visit a healthcare professional as soon as possible. When you visit a doctor or the emergency room, make sure that you describe how you were injured so that proper records are taken. Promptly seeing a medical professional helps provide a direct connection between the construction accident and your injuries.

Request medical records

 — Medical records provide a significant amount of information that may be important for a construction accident injury lawsuit. Obtain copies for reference, or have a lawyer help you.

Document medical expenses

 — Make sure to document all of the medical expenses associated with the treatment of your injuries for reimbursement/compensation purposes. Expenses to document include medical bills, prescription costs and insurance co-pays.

Keep records of all accident-related items

 — After a construction accident, it is important to document the accident, injuries and other related conversations, paperwork and expenses. Maintaining records and keeping everything organized is useful for any claims or lawsuits that result.


Helpful Tips for avoiding construction hazards

Prevent Falls
  • Wear and use personal fall arrest equipment.
  • Install and maintain perimeter protection.
  • Cover and secure floor openings and label floor opening covers.
  • Use ladders and scaffolds safely.
Prevent Falls
Prevent Struck-By
  • Never position yourself between moving and fixed objects.
  • Wear high-visibility clothes near equipment/vehicles.
Prevent Struck-By
Prevent Caught-In/Between
  • Never enter an unprotected trench or excavation 5 feet or deeper without an adequate protective system in place; some trenches under 5 feet deep may also need such a system.
  • Make sure the trench or excavation is protected either by sloping, shoring, benching or trench shield systems.
Prevent Caught-In/Between
Prevent Electrocutions
  • Locate and identify utilities before starting work.
  • Look for overhead power lines when operating any equipment.
  • Maintain a safe distance away from power lines; learn the safe distance requirements.
  • Do not operate portable electric tools unless they are grounded or double insulated.
  • Use ground-fault circuit interrupters for protection.
  • Be alert to electrical hazards when working with ladders, scaffolds or other platforms.


Prevent Electrocutions

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