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Ohio Car Accident Victims Look To Wright & Schulte LLC For Justice Following Collision With State Trooper

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Two men seriously injured in an Ohio car accident involving an Ohio State Trooper earlier this month have turned to Wright & Schulte LLC, as the Ohio Car Accident Victims seek justice for a collision they allege was the fault of the officer. According to a report from, a spokesperson for the Ohio State Patrol has confirmed that the Trooper involved in the car accident did not have his vehicle’s overhead lights on at the time of the collision.

“From our perspective, going at an excessive speed, not having his overhead lights on, we feel the police officer was at fault for this accident,” attorney Michael Wright, a partner with Wright & Schulte LLC, told

Ohio Car Accident Victims

The two-vehicle crash occurred early in the morning of April 1st on U.S. 35 at Shakertown Road in Beavercreek, when the State Trooper was attempting to catch up with another vehicle. A Pontiac Sunfire occupied by the two young men was struck on the side by the police cruiser while making a left turn onto Shakertown Road. Its 23-year-old driver was ejected from the car, and suffered a broken vertebra. His 27-year-old brother was also injured in the collision, and had to have his jaw wired shut for weeks after the crash. Because neither man has medical insurance, their bills are quickly piling up, according to

Who was at fault in trooper crash?

It’s not yet known how fast the State Trooper’s vehicle was going at the time of the crash. According to, Ohio regulations are also vague as to whether he should have been using his overhead lights. Those regulations state that the lights aren’t required when an officer is pursuing another vehicle, unless “existing traffic, road or weather conditions render it reasonable and prudent to use such equipment.”

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