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Ohio Car Accident News: Ohio Auto Accidents Higher In 2013

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A Recent Report Released By The Ohio State Patrol Has Shown That More Ohio Residents Are Involved With Ohio Car Accidents Are Higher Than In Previous Years.

The Ohio State Patrol released its year-to-date Ohio car accident crash data in early November, 2013. The statistics were surprisingly grim. In 2012, there were a total of 49,587 accidents throughout the year. On average, about 4,132 accidents occurred each month. However, as of October 2013, there were already 49,452 accidents on Ohio roads, with a monthly average of 4,945 per month. This indicates a rise in monthly accidents across the state of nearly 800 accidents per month.

Fatal crash numbers have also risen. In 2012, the monthly average for crash fatalities was about 80 per month. This year, fatality crashes average at 82 per month based on the November, 2013 data. (November 2013,

Programs To Help Reduce Ohio Auto Accidents

The Ohio State Patrol tasks itself with helping Ohioans stay safe on the road. This year, the State Patrol has continued many safety programs to reduce the amount of car crashes seen throughout the state of Ohio. The Ohio State Patrol offers several driving safety and awareness programs, including “Share the Road Safely,” designed to increase awareness about different types of vehicles on the road, “You are in Control,” designed to help teens drive safely on the road and avoid distractions, and “Trooper Shield,” designed to provide safety awareness to Ohio state troopers and drivers on Ohio roadways. The “You are in Control” program is new in 2013, and was created through a partnership with the State Patrol department and the Ohio High School Athletic Association. The goal of the program is to help reduce teen deaths and accidents on the road by helping them take responsibility for their actions and behavior on the road.

The Ohio State Patrol also offers other programs like sobriety checkpoints on the road as well as targeted investigations into known dangerous driving zones across the state. In addition to “Trooper Shield,” the State Patrol department also offers “Truck Shield” and “Community Shield” as a means of coaching all ages and demographics with effective traffic safety. (November 2013,

The Risk of Increased Ohio Car Accidents
A higher average of Ohio auto accidents and fatalities is a danger to all Ohio drivers. More Ohio crashes equal more injuries that could result in fatalities, serious injuries, loss of wages, property damage and loss, and high medical expenses. These accidents result in a serious drain on Ohio’s economy and the residents of Ohio as a collective group.

Ohio drivers can reduce their risk by engaging in safe driving practices, like the following outlined below:

  • Don’t use electronic devices while driving, or stick to hands free devices.
  • Watch for other vehicles on the road, including trucks, busses, and motorcycles
  • Never drive while intoxicated, or allow a friend or family member to drive while intoxicated.
  • Practice defensive driving, including allowing enough space between vehicles, driving safety during inclement weather, and signaling traffic turns and lane changes.

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