You are currently viewing Ohio Car Accident Lawsuit Filed By Wright & Schulte LLC Alleges Defendant Failed To Obey Traffic Signals And Severely Injured Woman From Beavercreek, Ohio.

Ohio Car Accident Lawsuit Filed By Wright & Schulte LLC Alleges Defendant Failed To Obey Traffic Signals And Severely Injured Woman From Beavercreek, Ohio.


Ohio Car Accident Lawsuit Alleges Negligence on Part of Defendant Caused Her to Suffer Severe Injuries, Great Pain and Suffering, Following Montgomery County, Ohio Car Accident

A woman from Beavercreek, Ohio, has filed an Ohio car accident lawsuit against the driver of a vehicle whose alleged negligence behind the wheel caused the Plaintiff severe injuries, as well as great pain and suffering and other damages, following an August 2011 collision in Montgomery County. According to court documents, the Plaintiff, who is being represented by the experienced Ohio personal injury law firm of Wright & Schulte LLC, filed her lawsuit in Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas on Month/day, 2013. (Case No. 2013cv04156)

Ohio Car Accident Lawsuit

According to the Complaint, the Plaintiff was a passenger in a car on Shafor Boulevard, in the City of Oakwood, Ohio, when the Defendant was operating a motor vehicle travelling westbound on Patterson Road. The lawsuit alleges that the Defendant negligently failed to obey the traffic signal at the intersection of Shafor Boulevard and Patterson Road and collided with the Plaintiff’s vehicle with great force, causing severe injuries.

As a direct and proximate result of the Defendant’s alleged negligence, the lawsuit alleges the Plaintiff suffered injuries and damages including, but not limited to her neck, back, shoulders, and legs, as well as great pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, and the loss of ability to perform usual functions, both now and in the future. In addition to compensation for these damages, the lawsuit also seeks restitution for the Plaintiff’s reasonable and necessary medical expenses in an amount in excess of $42,000.00, as well as further reasonable and necessary medical expenses to be incurred in the future.

Finally, the complaint seeks damages on behalf of the Plaintiff’s husband for the loss of services, companionship, love, affection, comforts, consortiums, and joys of his wife.
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