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Ohio Auto Accident Statistics Could Rise As Ohio Increases Speed Limits On Interstate

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Ohio auto accident statistic could rise once Gov. John Kasich signs into effect the Ohio transportation budget bill, the speed limits on Ohio’s interstates and turnpikes will increase from 65 mph to 70 mph. Wright & Schulte LLC warn drivers that this speed limit change could increase the risks for more Ohio car accidents, injuries and fatalities.

The attorneys of Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced Ohio auto accidents and Ohio personal injury law firm, are warning Ohio drivers about the increased risks of injurious and potential fatal car accidents when the speed limit on Ohio’s interstates are raised to 70 mph. The Ohio transportation budget bill is currently waiting to be signed by Governor John Kasich, 90-days after which the Ohio speed limit will be increased on non-congested urban interstates. The limit may also be raised from 55 to 60 mph on some two-lane highways, dependant on costs.

Ohio Speed Limit Increase

Opponents of the speed limit increase say statistics show that increases in driving limits lead to more auto accidents, more injuries, and possibly more fatalities. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Dan Kelso, President of the Ohio Insurance Institute said the speed limit increase could even raise car insurance premiums, which in Ohio have been some of the lowest in the country.

The Ohio auto accident attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC, are dedicated to aggressively standing up for victims’ rights by holding negligent and reckless drivers accountable for their actions. Victims of auto accidents are strongly encouraged to consult with the trusted car accident attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC, to receive a professional, thorough assessment of their case at no upfront cost to them.

Speed Limit Statistics show, the IIHS says, that when speed limits are increased, a larger number of drivers tend to travel at speeds that exceed the limits. In fact, when Texas raised the freeway speed limit from 55 to 70 mph 50 percent of drivers traveled at speeds beyond the limit, whereas prior to the increase only 15 percent of drivers exceeded the posted limits.

Other research, including a 2009 study published in the American Journal of Public Health, found that when the speed limit is increased on rural interstates, the average rate of fatalities rose to 9 percent. In that study, 12,500 deaths and over 36,000 injuries over a ten-year period were linked to higher speed limits. (

According to the Dispatch, “Driving 10 miles at 65 mph takes 9 minutes, 14 seconds. Driving it at 70 mph saves 40 seconds.” Also, when Ohio raised the speed limit on the turnpike in 2011, the number of monthly accidents jumped from 184 to 214. Earlier this month, the nation mourned the loss of six teenagers who died in a serious SUV accident in which police believe speed was major factor. In light of these dangers, the attorneys at Wright & Schulte want drivers to take the risks this speed limit increase will present to drivers of all ages seriously, and be more aware and attentive on our roadways than ever before.

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