Ohio ATV Accident News: A Look At Licensing Requirements For Ohio ATV Drivers

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Ohio ATV Accident News: A Look At Licensing Requirements For Ohio ATV Drivers

There Are Strict Requirements For Ohio ATV Drivers for children and adult operators.


With weather heating up and summer just around the corner, Ohio ATV riders will be out and about in celebration for warmer weather. To keep drivers and ATV riders safe, requirements For Ohio ATV Drivers just like the other states in the United States. Each state is free to regulate ATV driving and riding according to individual safety guidelines. Regulations for ATV operation vary widely by state. Some states require as many safety regulations as the operation of automobiles. Other states have almost no regulations for ATVs. Many states have minimum operation age limits, but in some states, the limit is as young as six years of age. Some states require helmets, eye protection, and seat belts, while others do not require any safety gear while riding or operating an ATV. Before riding or operating any ATV in Ohio, make sure you are familiar with the laws to prevent tickets and to maximize safety this spring and summer.

Ohio ATV Operating Laws and Regulations

Ohio, like all other states, has strict laws regulating the operation of ATVs. According to Ohio law, the minimum age to operate an ATV is 16. There are a few exceptions that also allow drivers as young as 12 on private property in some cases. However, no Ohio ATV driver under the age of 16 can operate an ATV on public roadways.

Ohio also requires the use of helmets and eye protection for riders driving on public lands and roadways. There is no regulation of headwear or eye protection on private property.

Passengers are prohibited if the ATV is not designed for multiple riders. Only as many passengers as there are seats are allowed on ATVs. All drivers must have a license to drive an ATV in Ohio on public roads and property. [http://www.ncsl.org/research/transportation/all-terrain-vehicle-safety-laws-by-state.aspx, May 2015]

Ohio ATV Accident Statistics

According to a 2013 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 2007 and 2011, there were 82 deaths from ATV accidents in Ohio. The number of fatal accidents in Ohio were higher than the national average during this period. The CPSC estimates that about 100,000 ATV accidents occur each year, with 30,000 of those accidents involving children. The CPSC reports that head, neck, and arm injuries are the most common for both children and adult riders. [http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Safety-Education/Safety-Education-Centers/ATV-Safety-Information-Center/Death-Associated-With-ATVs-by-State-/, May 2015]

Maximizing ATV Safety in Ohio

Although Ohio does require a driver’s license to operate an ATV on public roads and property, there are no licensing requirements on private land. This means that children can operate ATVs with permission of parents or guardians. To maximize safety while operating or riding on an ATV, take the following safety precautions:
Always wear safety gear, such as a helmet, goggles, and long sleeves and pants.
Do not place more riders than there are seats on the vehicle.
Do not allow children under the age of 16 to operate an ATV.
Take an ATV operations class before driving an ATV for the first time.
Never operate an ATV while under the influence of alcohol.

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