Nursing Home Report Cards And The Signs Of Ohio Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Report Cards and The Signs Of Ohio Nursing Home Abuse

With more Ohioan’s enjoying longer lives and living in nursing homes more people are examining nursing home report cards and how facilities are rated, especially when it comes to levels of care to avoid their loved one becoming a victim of Ohio nursing home abuse.

According to the Ohio Department of Aging, over 8,000 Ohio residents currently reside in nursing homes. Ohio nursing homes have routinely received poor reports on nursing home quality. In fact, Ohio’s nursing home report card from 2013 indicated that Ohio ranked 34th of all the states with facilities receiving an average score of “D.” This means that the chance Ohio nursing home abuse is higher than in some states. [, December 2014] [, December 2014]

Often, elderly residents suffer Ohio nursing home neglect or Ohio nursing home abuse. In Ohio, nursing homes are often understaffed and employees are paid low wages. Sometimes, proper training is not offered to nursing home workers. However, in some cases, employees or other residents work to directly harm nursing home patients. As the holiday season approaches and more family members may be visiting a relative in a nursing home facility, it is the perfect time to make sure your loved ones receive the care they deserve. Family members and other advocates can ensure their loved ones do not suffer elder abuse in Ohio by watching for the following signs of elder abuse.

Common Signs of Ohio Elder Abuse

Physical elder abuse can include a variety of acts, including assault or battery, rape, forced restraint, or over-medicating. In addition to physical harm, patients may also suffer threats, yelling, being ignored by staff, lack of food or water, or lack of proper hygiene procedures. Some workers or other residents may even try to exploit nursing home patients financially.

Many of these signs can be difficult to pinpoint, but if you see any of the following red flags, contact a legal professional as soon as possible:

Open wounds or bed sores
Poor hygiene
Hair loss (not related to medication)
Sudden weight changes
Burns or abrasions
Torn clothing or bedding
Emotional withdrawal
Strange behavior
Loss of personal items
Unusual financial transactions

Red Flags Related to Staffing

Even if a facility is not currently abusing your loved one physically or emotionally, the staff may not provide the level of care your loved one deserves. Red flags for poor staff can include: staff refusing to let you chat with a patient alone, staff refusing to allow access to patients during visiting hours, call lights that go unanswered for long periods, and an absence of staff in patient recreational areas. If your loved one makes claims about the staff or other residents, don’t immediately brush it off. Their complaint could be an indicator of actual abuse.

If you suspect signs of elder abuse in a family member or loved one, do not hesitate to contact an Ohio nursing home abuse attorney right away. The attorneys at Wright & Schulte have years of experience helping nursing home patients receive the care and compensation they deserve. Nursing home abuse in Ohio does have strict limitations, so contact us as soon as you notice signs of abuse to ensure your loved one is compensated fairly. For a free, legal evaluation, fill out our online form, or give Wright & Schulte LLC a call, at (937)-222-7477.

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