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DUI Attorney Michael Wright

New Year’s Eve, Be Safe, No DUI

Play it safe tonight, if you go out to drink alcohol, have a designated driver, or a safe way to get home. It sounds very simple: Don’t Drink & Drive. Yet every day, hundreds of people around the State do just that. If you have never been convicted of a DUI, you can’t fully understand the consequences of a DUI conviction on your record. Not only will it have an impact on your license, and possibly your livelihood, but there are thousands of dollars in fines and fees, possibly numerous counseling sessions, potential for probation, and jail time.

If you have a higher blood alcohol content, or it is not your first time, consequences could be much more serious and difficult. Knowing the potential consequences of a DUI conviction can put you in the position to plan ahead if you decide to go out and drink. Have a designated driver, arrange for a cab/Uber, do your drinking at home, or if you are going to go to a bar or restaurant to drink, leave the car at home. Plan ahead, it is the best, safest way to have your fun, without potentially suffering the consequences.

Be safe tonight and have a happy New Year’s Eve.