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‘Inside Edition’ To Discuss Police Shooting Of 4-Year Old Ava Ellis

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Tonights ‘Inside Edition’ Will Discuss Ohio Police Shooting Of 4-Year Old Ava Ellis

Today’s episode of Inside Edition‘ will will discuss the police shooting of Ava Ellis. Attorney Wright is representing Ava Ellis and her family after the 4 year old girl was a victim of a police shooting involving a Columbus police office.

Attorney Wright notes that tonights episode of ‘Inside Ediiton’ will discuss the police shooting of the 4-year old Ohio girl who was shot by police officer Jonathan Thomas this past summer. Officer Thomas was a 5 year veteran of the Columbus police department. News reports state, Officer Thomas was purportedly aiming at a charging dog. The dog apparently charged at him when he was investigating a hit-and-run accident at a nearby home when a woman a few houses away called to him stating that her sister, the mother of Ava Ellis, had cut herself. News reports further state this police shooting occurred when Thomas entered the doorway of the Ellis home and a dog purportedly charged at him. Officer Thomas apparently fired his gun at the dog but missed and hit Ava Ellis in her right leg. The Ohio police officer apparently then left the shooting scene instead of administering first aid to the injured 4-year old girl. The Ohio girl was transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

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“This was a reckless act and there was absolutely no consideration for the safety of children. The Columbus police department from their mission statement and core values state ‘Discipline is Exhibiting proper conduct and self-control in the face of adversity through a commitment to training and organizational standards.’ We did not see that in this situation.” – Michael Wright

Michael Wright is also representing the family of John Crawford III and is joint council representing the family of Samuel DuBose. John Crawford III and Samuel DuBose where also victims of police shootings in Ohio.

In August of 2014, Mr. Crawford was shot and killed in the Beavercreek Walmart. The Walmart video shows Beavercreek police fatally shooting Mr. Crawford as he was holding a Pellet air rifle and talking on his cellphone. The Crawford family has filed a lawsuit and has since met with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch who vowed to look into the legalities surrounding the Beavercreek Walmart shooting.

Samuuel DuBose was shot and killed by a, now former, police officer of the University of Cincinnati Police Department. Former officer, Ray Tensing has been charged with Samuel DuBose’s alleged murder.

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