Increase In Youth Sports Injuries Brings Baseball Safety Guidelines From The Orthopaedic Institute For Children

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Baseball Safety Guidelines and Youth Sports Injuries

As we easy into spring our Ohio youths are looking towards another baseball season were boys come together with dreams of the future, but with this great past time comes youth sports injuries. Wright & Schulte knows this all to well after representing families in sports injuries claims. In order to help avoid youth injuries in baseball the firm is sharing some tips offered by the Orthopaedic Institute for Children.

Dr. Jennifer Beck who is the associate director of the Orthopaedic Institute for Children’s Center of Sports Medicine in Los Angeles states “Injuries have become increasingly common for youth baseball players”

The advise shared by Dr Beck and the institute comes with hope that coaches and parents will be mindful of some of the basic safety guidelines that can help keep their kids from getting injured and keep them playing the game they love.

Basic Safety Guidelines to remember from The Orthopaedic Institute for Children’s Center of Sports Medicine include:

  • Don’t skip the warm-ups. Dr. Beck advises coaches to make sure their players are warming up properly, including stretching, jogging and light ball throwing. Preparing the muscles for more strenuous exercise can help prevent strains and sprains and can help improve performance. Pitchers, in particular, should learn to properly stretch their shoulders before throwing a single pitch.
  • Ease into throwing and swinging. It’s been a long off season. Players should not throw the ball too hard or take full swings right away. The first few practices should be about loosening up and reinforcing proper mechanics.
  • Drink enough fluids. Dehydration can make your muscles more susceptible to damage. Players should drink water before, during and after practice and games.
  • Never play through pain. Persistent pain should not be ignored. Left untreated, simple injuries can become complicated conditions. Particularly when it comes to the elbows and shoulders, it is never okay for youth ballplayers to play through the pain.


The institute also urges coaches to follow the guidelines of the Pitch Smart campaign that is endorsed by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball. The pitch count encourages the placement of player in other positions, not just pitcher.

In addition, you players should be always be monitored for fatigue and should never continue to play when feeling sore. Players feeling any soreness should rest, ice and if directed use ibuprofen to help reduce any soreness and inflammation. Parents and coaches are also reminded that if any pain persists they should contact a physician.
These guidelines will help our young boys continue to enjoy many great seasons of baseball for years to come.

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