Governor Snyder Declines Invite From House Committee To Testify About Flint Water Crisis

At least 100,000 Residents Are Affected By The Flint Water Crisis After Test Results Revealed High Lead Levels In Their Water Supply


The residents of Flint Michigan have been dealing with lead contaminated water after Governor Snyder switched the water supply source in 2014 from Lake Huron to the Flint River in an apparent move to save money. Now the Governor is declining an invitation from the House Democratic Steering committee to discuss how children have been affected by the lead in the city’s water.

According to CNN, Governor Snyder is unable testify tomorrow because he has a budget presentation to deliver to the state legislature. His spokesman stated, to CNN, that the presentation is expected to detail the “significant resources directed to long-term plans to help the people of Flint”. CNN further reported that the invitation stated “Seeing how it was your administration’s decisions that led to this public health crisis, including Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law, we believe it is important to hear testimony from you on this matter.”

The Flint, Michigan water crisis resulted after a switch in the cities water source resulted in the corrosive water from the river caused lead to leach into the water from the old pipes. News reports show that weeks after the switch the Michigan state government ignored cries from Flint residents that the water tasted bad, was corrosive and was believed to be causing health problems. After a year of complaints the water was tested, and results indicated there were high levels of lead in the blood of children who consumed the contaminated drinking water. After receiving the test results the city switched back to getting water from Lake Huron, but the damage was done.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states lead exposure can affect every system in the body, and research has shown that lead exposure can affect the IQ of a developing child. Which would result in learning disabilities. Some 100,000 men, women and children are affected by this water crisis, with numerous people testing positive for lead in their blood. The national guard was deployed to hand out and deliver water filters and bottled water, while pregnant women have been told to drink only bottled water.

At least 7 water contamination lawsuits have already been filed against Governor Snyder, the former mayor of Flint, rank-and-file public employees and others who are believed to have played a roll in supplying Flint’s residents with corrosive river water. An additional 1,700 household have contact local attorneys seeking information on water contamination lawsuits.

The water crisis has gained national attention. With over a million bottles of water donated from celebrities such as Beyonce, Cher, Mark Wahlberg and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also visited Flint to speak with attendees at the House of Prayer Memorial Baptist Church this past Sunday. Where she stated “This is not merely unacceptable or wrong, though it is both, what happened in Flint is immoral”.

Washington is looking to speak with people involved with the Flint Michigan water crisis to try and figure out why there are dangerously high levels of lead in Flint’s water supply and who is to blame. CNN reported that the Flint water crisis has been characterized as a failure of the government on all levels; including local, state and federal.

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