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Cincinnati Auto Accidents On The Rise Due To Winter Weather


Spring May Be Technically Right Around The Corner, But Cincinnati, Just Like The Rest Of Ohio, Is Still Facing The After-Effects Of A Long And Harsh Winter, Including Many Dealing With The After Effects Of Cincinnati Auto Accidents And Personal Injury.

Storms have struck the city as recently as last week, bringing with it a large accumulation of snow and ice. Cincinnati auto accidents are on the rise where police have reported seeing “accidents everywhere” due to drivers losing control on dangerous roadways. This winter has caused several dangerous and expensive accidents in Cincinnati, leading to personal injuries for hundreds and a few fatalities.

In the most recent “Titan” storm that hit Ohio, Cincinnati residents saw several accidents leading to injuries and vehicle damage. No fatalities have been reported so far.

    • A family of four was trapped in ice and snow on the side of the road. Cincinnati police helped the family escape from the trapped vehicle.
    • Another crash involved a Jeep that lost control and slipped sideways on the road colliding with a tractor trailer. This caused the Jeep to slam into a wall of the road, necessitating a hospital stay for the driver.
    • A family driving near the I-71 Montgomery Road exit also slipped on the ice. The driver lost control of the vehicle and the family ended up in the ditch by the side of the road. The family did not have severe injuries.

Cincinnati was under a snow emergency advised by the National Weather Service during the worst of the storm. During a snow emergency, Ohio residents re advised to stay indoors and stay off the road. However, even after the snow emergency is lifted, ice and snow can remain on the road, leading to dangerous accidents. High-risk areas include residential roads and other little-used roads. Roads under trees and in shaded areas also pose a danger to drivers. [February 2014,] [February 2014,]

Cincinnati Auto Accidents

Each year, Cincinnati sees between 200 and 400 vehicle crashes throughout the year. The months that see the greatest number of accidents are December, January, and February. However, the storm that hit in early March also posed a danger to Ohio drivers. In 2011, Cincinnati drivers were involved in 360 crashes, with 161 injuries, and 9 deaths related to accidents. The Ohio Department of Transportation reports that about 10 percent of all crashes state-wide are related to snow and ice on roadways. Nearly 30 percent of all accidents occur at night. Cincinnati drivers can remain safest by avoiding travel when ice and snow are on the road, and by driving during the day- avoiding the low visibility of night that could hide patches of dangerous roads from view, leading to accidents and injuries.

The Department of Transportation will not know if the large number of winter storms that have hit Cincinnati and Ohio in 2013 and 2014 have increased accidents and injuries until they compile the crash statistics for those calendar years. However, rough data has indicated that frequent storms do increase accident rates. [March 2014,

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