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C8 Medical Panel Releases Screening Guidelines


The C8 Medical Monitoring Panel Has Filed The Screening And Monitoring Protocols For The Six Diseases Determined To Have Probable Links To C8 Exposure In Wood County West Virginia Circuit Court. The Protocols Give Guidance For The Diagnostic Tests, Screenings, And Monitoring To Be Provided By DuPont To All Mid-Ohio Valley Residents Who Lived Or Worked In Any One Of Six Water Districts For At Least One Year Prior To 2004.

The C8 Medical Monitoring Panel was appointed by the court last year following the conclusions of the C8 Science Panel that drinking water contaminated with the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) also called C8, could be linked to certain diseases, including kidney cancer, testicular cancer, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, and preeclampsia. The C8 Science Panel was established as part of a class action settlement against DuPont over drinking water contaminated by C8 from the company’s Washington Works plant near Parkersburg, West Virginia. The water districts contaminated with C8 are Mason County and Lubeck County Water, in West Virginia, and the water districts of Tuppers Plains, Little Hocking, Belpre, and Pomeroy in Ohio.

As part of the terms of the class actions settlement, DuPont will pay up to $235 million for the screening and monitoring protocols to be implemented. DuPont’s Dan Turner, Public Engagement & Media Relations, said, “Medical Monitoring is defined in the settlement as ‘diagnostic medical examinations, tests or procedures utilized to detect human disease.’ We have received the Medical Panel Report and are reviewing its recommendations. DuPont understands the Medical Panel has additional work to complete under the settlement. DuPont continues to fulfill its obligation under the settlement and looks forward to receiving the additional information from the Medical Panel,” the News and Sentinel reported.

Once the plans for implementation of the monitoring processes are developed, residents will be given details about the testing and screening procedures. The C8 Medical Panel recommends that every member of the class be given access to the procedures, regardless of whether they have health insurance or a primary care physician, the Daily Sentinel reported. According to the Panel, adults should have a one-time thyroid dysfunction screening, including pregnant women, or those who are trying to become pregnant. All pregnant female class members should be tested for preeclampsia. Class members 15 years and older should be screened for ulcerative colitis and further testing should be done on any with symptoms. Members aged 15 through 50 are to be screened for testicular cancer and all members who have an abdominal mass should be tested for kidney cancer.

The Panel did not address for how long the medical monitoring and screening will be available saying they “decided to defer addressing this issue in order to concentrate on defining the protocol for initial screening and diagnostic testing,” the Daily Sentinel writes.

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