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ATV Accidents In Ohio And Across The Country Are On The Rise

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Recent News Reports Indicate Unusually High Numbers Of ATV Accidents In Ohio And Around The Country

2015 may just become known as the year of the ATV accidents. States across the country are reporting unusually high numbers of ATV accidents that have resulted in serious injuries or even fatalities. The latest federal study indicates that Ohio ATV drivers are no exception. The latest statistics from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) indicates that ATV accidents in Ohio result in 15-20 ATV-related deaths each year. Nationally, over 100,000 people are injured or killed in ATV accidents each year.

The CPSC data shows that children are often involved in ATV crashes, making up one-third of all ATV accidents. In recent years, over 80 children in Ohio have been killed in ATV fatal accidents. If an adult or child is not killed in an ATV accident, common injuries include neck, arm, and head injuries. Injuries are more severe when passengers do not follow safety procedures and do not wear helmets. On the latest ranking, Ohio has more fatal ATV accidents than 25 other states. Between 2010 and 2013, Ohio reported 78 ATV fatalities. [, August 2015]

A warm summer and lack of rain could be behind the increase in ATV accidents this year. Safety experts also believe children driving ATVs that are too large, driving ATVs on unfamiliar roads and terrain, lack of parental supervision, and child drivers going too fast are causing the increase in injuries. States around the country have reported numerous ATV fatalities, included in the list below:

A child from Eire County in July 2015 was killed when he crashed into a tree. [, August 2015]

Another ATV driver from Buffalo, New York was killed when he was pinned to a tree after his ATV crashed into the tree in July 2015. [, August 2015]

Two children from Indiana were killed in late July 2015 in two separate incidences. An 11 year-old girl was killed when an ATV rolled on top of her. A 10 year-old girl also died in a similar incident the same month. [, August 2015]

In Ohio, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to operate ATVs on public roadways. However, children are allowed to drive ATVs on private property. According to the CPSC, caregivers can reduce the risk of ATV injuries in children by taking the following precautions:

  • All children should wear helmets
  • Children should be supervised at all times
  • Children should not operate adult-sized ATVs
  • Children should be instructed in the correct and safe use of ATVs
  • Do not overload ATVs with more passengers than there are seats
  • Do not allow children to operate ATVs near trees or on rocky terrain
  • Do not allow children to operate ATVs at night
  • Do not allow children to operate ATVs on public roadways
  • Always require children to wear helmets while riding on ATVs

By following these safety tips, caregivers can help children reduce their risk of injuries and death while operating ATVs. And as with many dangerous activities, the easiest ways to keep children safe is to not allow them to operate ATV equipment at all. If children must ride on ATVs, make sure they follow all safety rules and wear helmets at all times under close adult supervision.