$1.375 Million Awarded In Brain Injury Lawsuit To 4 Electricians Injured On The Job

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Four Men Have Been Awarded $1.375 Million Awarded In Brain Injury Lawsuit After Sustaining Permanent Brain Damage In A Work Related Accident On An Oil Rig

In 2012, four electricians from Brownsville, Texas were awarded $1.375 Million in a brain injury lawsuit after they were left permanently brain damaged when they were deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes while working on a Sam Noble oil rig, dry docked at Keppel Amfels shipyard in the Port of Brownsville. The trail for the brain injury lawsuit against Fire and Safety Specialists, Inc., Noble Drilling Services, Inc., and Keppel Amfels L.L.C., who the men blamed for their brain damage lasted less then a month and resulted in jury fining the three companies involved by awarding the 4 men a total of $1,375,000 in damages for their injuries.

Three of the men have been able to return to work after their injuries, but all four men are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to the lawsuit, the men were working with carbon dioxide on the boat, which can obstruct air flow and oxygen to the brain. Ordinarily, boats are required to have a CO2 censor and alarm that goes off when the CO2 starts to flow into the room. However, inspection reports from the Noble Drilling Services boat show that the alarm in the engine room had not worked or been repaired for 2 years prior to the accident. [May 2014, http://www.valleycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=1045711#.U3uKFvldUeg]

The brain injury lawsuit claims that the men were deprived of oxygen for a total of 15 minutes. When found, the men were unconscious and experiencing seizures. In the work related lawsuit, the men stated that the three companies were not practicing the proper safety protocol to protect workers on their property. The four men, Rogelio Garza, Ricardo Garza, Felix Fuentes and Daniel Medrano continue to suffer from hypoxic brain injuries and one man was unable to return to work after the incident. Another man suffers from dementia, and all four men have memory loss, personality disorders, sleep problems, and PTSD. [April 2014, http://www.valleycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=1030431]

During the trial for the brain injury lawsuit, the jury agreed on a compensation amount of $1,375,000 to split between the four men. Representatives from Keppel Amfels told Action 4 News that the company has a long history of adhering to the highest safety standards. The jury, however, determined that all the companies were at fault for this work related accident and should contribute to compensate the men for their injuries and loss of work. The other three companies had no comment for the media before or after the trial. It is not known if the men will appeal the decision in an effort to receive greater compensation or if they will accept the money without complaint.

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